October 8, 2018


Duston Northampton


Elder Jevaughn Akiva Richardson

Birmingham Proud

Hello family and friends!

Alma 40:8 - "..Time only is measured unto man.."

I think Heavevnly Father must be playing a joke on me because I literally feel like it was last Monday 5 minutes ago!

Nevertheless I'm excited to write to you all once again! I titled the email Birmingham proud because we had some fun times there this week. Tuesday we had an exchange with the assistants there which was super fun. I was able to go with elder Ireland (same MTC group!) It was so fun to work with him that day and see how we have both grown since the beginning. It reminded me of a few fun times in the MTC. (I'm biased I know but the Preston MTC is the best MTC no question.)

We did alot of street contacting during our exchange. The Birmihgam town centre is super nice. Something I found it since I was there last and this time aswell, is that there is alot of diversity. Alot of Muslim people and it's crazy that the majority of the people who took the time to stop and talk to us were Islam. They're quite amazing people actually. Although there are many disagreements with our faith and their's, there are a few similarities and we should focus on those with all religions! -They believe the bible but that it has lost/added info. -The family is very important to them. -They are dedicated to prayer and worship also fasting. There's probably some others but those are the big ones I've found. I think it's great to find commonality with others + after all, as to sharing the restored gospel we are just adding to their knowledge and understanding. (Joseph Smith said something like that)

We also had mission leadership council in Birmingham Friday. We emphasized on our baptismal goal and how we are going to teach it! IF we do our part. We are behind abit but check out these maths: The goal is 190. We are at 96 so far, so we have 94 to go. So far there are 41 people with a baptismal date right now. Let's say only 13/41(=32%) get baptized.13 + 96 = 109. There are 81 companionships in the mission.109 + 81 = 190! Our goal companionship wise is to #BringOneSoul just focusing primarily
THE ONE! I know this is possible no doubt. Will every companionship baptize? I don't know. But i do know that whatever happens it will purely be a gift. We can't do it alone. The only gift we can give the Lord is our heart, might, mind and strength.

Monday night we had a chapel tour withpur new investigator Lily. Her dad and grandpa came. We toured around, emphasising the chapel area and sacrament. Then ending at the baptismal font where we then taught the restoration. The spirit testified of truth and her dad definitely felt it. He along with Lily's mom are atheist, but he definitely felt the spirit while we taught. He said at the end that at first he was not I interested and it was just for his daughter, but now he is. He was abit anxious to leave, the spirit probabky suprised him as he's probably never felt it before or like that. So please pray for Wayne, Jillian, and their amazing daughter Lily who wants to be baptised. There are so many amazing experiences that happen in sharing the gospel.(notice I didn't say in fulltime missionary work) because these experiences can and will happen to you as you seek them? I know that is true!

We had exchange with the Ramsey Elders. I was able to split with elder Henrie of British Columbia! 🇨🇦🍁 we had a fun exchange! Found a cool new friend named Dan.

Of course general conference was amazing! So many great talks! I loved them all and will be listening to and reading them daily for the next 6 months. I did this the first time round on my mission but lacked recently in doing it and let me tell you there is a significant difference. I invite you all to do the same. Study the words of the Living Prophets apostles. Head their council. And you'll be blessed.

If my mission has taught me anything so far it is that the church so so true! It literally is the Lord's kingdom established once again upon the earth. I know that to be true and invite anyone who doesn't know to find out :)
Most important, Jesus Christ is the Saviour, I'm grateful for Him, I love him.

You're all amazing! I love you all.


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