October 18, 2017


Brighton, England


Elder Botta

Teaching Two Girls

Hello family!

How is everyone doing?? I am doing great here and I can't believe my big sis is about to have a baby!
Right now me and Elder Botta are teaching two girls. Martha, she is awesome, she has a baptism date for the 28th of October (but we will have to change it because she missed a lesson yesterday and even then we have tins to teach her before). We're going to have a "come to Jesus" chat with her our next lesson.
Next is Olivia and she is awesome too. I stopped her in front of the chapel two weeks ago and the first thing she said when she saw our tags was " sorry you've really got the wrong person, I'm good", and started to walk away, but I asked her, " what she was looking for in her life?" And she stopped and basically said how she just wants some peace and happiness. I promised her that we could ensure her lasting happiness as she meets with us...etc. so we had an appointment with her and she had to cancel.. :(
We had another one and 15 min before she text us and said she didn't think she could... she said she was feeling depressed about something and wanted to wait till she felt a bit better. I called her immediately to see what was up. She told me a bit more and I convinced her to still meet with us!
So we met up at the church and we taught her the restoration! It was great, we gave her a BofM and she asked if it was okay to highlight in it, so cool! She came to church and she brought her mom!(Martha came too!) We met with her Monday and taught her the Plan of Salvation, she thought it made pretty good sense and we are meeting tonight to teach her the commandments! So amazing and it is so crazy to teach real people compared to the MTC 😂. Connor, in your email you said it took a bit to Get the ball rolling for teaches and I can relate so well with that haha. Things are going good I guess. We had our first dinner with members on Sunday, we went to a elderly sister in a hospital and gave her a blessing, I wanna kill my companion. I'm joking he's awesome! 😂 me, him, along with the other Brighton Eldrs, and also the Worthing Elders went to the soccer/bball court behind the church and played some pic up futbol with some guys. Super fun. Me and Elder Winhausen played some kids 2 on 2 as well when we were there. Groceries are pretty cheap here for how much money we get each month. Usually we spend 30 quid a pday buying groceries and they last longer than the week. Thank you for all your emails, I will try to get back to all of you! I'm sorry I haven't taken many pics! I have to though because it's really pretty here , especially at the sea front which I saw for the first him the other day. Moves are happening soon! This coming Tuesday. (We won't leave though, he has to train me for 2 transfers. This last one was only 5 weeks when usually 6, because we were in the MTC for an extra week. I loved all of your emails and love the pictures! All is well here in the mighty Brighton. Thank you for your prayers and just being the most amazing family! Oh and btw, just if anyone was going to send me something (this isn't me hinting I want something I sware!) Send it to the mission home, I think that's better, unless it's just a letter.
FHE challenge! Read Alma 32 together! I hope everyone is safe,healthy and most importantly reading there scriptures!
Elder Tollestrup ❤


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