October 11, 2017


Brighton, England


Elder Botta


Hello family, hope everyone is doing well! I'm doing great! Let's see what happened this past week...
I got my haircut( thank goodness it was getting long), i went basketball street contacting with Elder Winhousin! ( German elder, we went on splits for the night after we watched conference at the other Brighton elders flat). I got a package from grandma T! That was exciting, some first aid solve,very handy. Also a little poem. And a letter of course.
We had a Penta Zone Conference! So good and it got me really motivated to reach our year goal! If everyone does there part, there's no way we can't reach it. We taught a girl named Martha, and have her for baptism! She hasn't answered us in awhile. We will keep praying for her and do our best.
Do you guys remeber the man named Benjamin? We met him my first day and he wanted to be baptized . (He came to us). Anyways, no contact since that day and I know that I personally prayed for him. So this week in the park we came across him feeding the birds! He saw us and said " the Mormons!", and hurried over to shake our hands. He had prayed the night before to find us. The reason he never came to our appointment was because he was struggling with smoking and etc. He know that he needs to make a change and he wants to be baptized more than ever. (He reminds me so much of Jack Degroot oh my days). An amazing miracle for sure. There are people all over Brighton that I know are ready and looking for us. We just have to make a plan to find them.
The works been good, elder Botta is good but sometimes drives me up the wall 😂. The best guy though.
Guess what I had on October 8th.... Canadian thanksgiving!!! Elder and sister Corbett in our ward are from Alberta as I said before(the one who knows grandma T). Wasn't even in the country and I still got to celebrate it! It was great, I stuffed myself oh my days lol. It was me and Elder Sly who went over because we were on an exchange. Elder Sly is a cool dude. From Utah, crazy good at the piano, he's the zone leader. They're flat is so nice.
Correlation at bro blunts as usual, he's the best, I can't remeber if I talked about him before.
I learned what SMART goals are,
Have not experience really any hard opposition, it has been great.
I had my first interview with President and I told him that and he said that the truth is I don't really ever need to go through any big trials or oppositions. He said if I just continue to keep my eyes locked on the Savior and forget myself i will continue t9 enjoy myself:) he related it to sports. I love basketball, it's hard work and hard sometimes, but so fun!
(Matt. 15:25-29 )- i challenge you guys to study this when you have some time and each find there favorite scripture in the BoM that relates to it.
Love all of you, so great to here from all of yiu.
(Mom can you get me grandma Ts email thanks)
Probably forgetting something but oh well!

Elder Tollestrup ❤


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