October 4, 2017


Brighton, England


Elder Botta

Love My Family and Conference

Hello family!
How is everyone doing?? I hope you all enjoyed the wondeful conference sessions! I did! As far away as I am, I feel at home as I listen to the council of the apostles and leaders of the church. When dad sent me that picture of the family watching conference together in the basement, I was filled with a warmth presence of the spirit. I wish I could be with you all in that picture! I enjoyed elder Holland's talk in priesthood and the seventys talk about the prophet Joseph Smith in the last session, also President Nelsons. Also elder Andersons. They were all amazing! Let me know all of your favourites and a part from it you liked. This was a pretty good week so far! Rn as I write we are in the Brighton 1 elders flat, watching the last session of conference. They have this sweet tiny projector that they, project on the wall(I'll send a pic, it's sweet). Last week was harvest week! Which means the field is extra white that week! And it was indeed! We found 8 new investigators! So many miracles involved with them and I wrote them in my journal so I will not forget! I might take some pics of my journal entries for you all to read that may be easier. Like I said before, Brighton is the gay capital of all of Europe or England or something, and we met this lady on the street who's gay and we talked and walked with her for like 45 minutes oh my days! Anyways she wanted to know what we thought about gays and we told her and she was still intretested and said she'd meet with us. Also we received our 8th investigator at the very end of the week by a referel from some sisters from Utah and it is a kid named Cody from here and he's gay also but is a member and wants some help. The plan is to meet with him, help him, then invite him to be there for our lesson with Kiki(the girl)
Sadly a lot of the new investigators flogged and some blocked our number or told us they were atheist now and were good ...😂 Alrighty! Yesterday was amazing though, because i had my first real teach! A girl named Martha, she's Christian, her mother is a pastor, very religious,from Nigeria, but because she has came here to school, and is busy with that and works night shifts she hasn't been able to go to church, and wants to come closer to God. So after her having to cancel once she finally met with us in the chapel, she is great! We taught her HTBT(how to begin teaching) and the restoration in 4 min and when elder Botta recited the first vision, I felt the spirit so strong come over me. She was very interested in the BoM and I shared many scriptures with her in it and I was happy to see her fold those pages down in the copy we gave her. She has committed to read and pray about it. And she is also coming to church, and she has excepted a baptismal date form October 28th! I am so psyched! She's a good girl. This week is baptismal week so we are ahead of the game! Still got 4 good days to find more and we know that we will! We have a Penta zone conference and elder Regnier is in our zone so ill see my MTC bro! The work is hard and good here! Cody I read your letter and it gave me instant energy and motivation. Thanks buddy:) EMMA Lou, I hear your teams doing good and I'm so proud of how you are being a missionary to kinzie! Keep it up! Avery and Connor love you TWO and I'm so excited for baby low! You're great examples to me. Mom, dad, love you so much, and like I said last email, I can never say Thank you enough for all you've taught me and done for me. I have The best family by far no doubt! My biggest reason why I am here doing what I do! Love all of you, have fun in the snow! And Christmas is coming soon!!!
Love ,
Elder Tollestrup ❤


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