September 27, 2017


Brighton, England


Elder Botta

One Week In The Field

Hello family,
How are all doing? How is good old Magrath treating you? I was so excited to hear about Dads new calling, he is going to be an amazing bishop. The ward is lucky! Officially a week in the field, wahoo! It went by fast tbh. A lot has happened. Many miracles actually that I will share. So as a mission our goal is to get #280 baptisms for the year. So far we have 190 roughly. So with 3 months yet we have to to hit, or go beyond our goal! Every week each companionship is encouraged to hit "the mission vision", which means 3 new investigators, 1 attendance at church, and one baptismal date. Our first real day was Thursday (we made it our pday so we could get groceries). So we had 3 days to hit the mission vision. It seemed like a stretch for sure. Our mission is built on stretching farther than you can go. This is a high class mission. President Gubler is the man. Anyways, we went to the church to get Wi-Fi and like I said before , this man, "benjamin" came to us and wanted baptism. Unfortunately he "flogged" us. Which means doesn't show up for an appointment. So we are dropping him from the list. We also met a man named Malcom, a rather large black man, who was at the park "the level". We talked to him and asked if we could have a lesson with him. He invited us into his home right then and there. So we followed him there and taught him the restoration. He seemed to be interested and we gave him a BoM and challenged him to read and pray! We got his number but haven't been able to reach him yet :/ so already two miracles! In reality we know no one in our area so our days have just been street contacting and finding. We invited him to church but sadly he did not come :( so we needed one more investigator. We called a ysa age girl who the sisters met on the street and got her number and name. Martha is her name and we are going to meet with her on Friday at the church! Okay so we didn't hit mission vision(short a church attendance), but all of that was pretty miraculous for me! We had fast Sunday and we met the ward. The bishop invited me and Elder Botta to bare our testimonies and it was good. We have two senior couples in our ward (one set is from Canada! The wife knows grandma T and other people, they are from okotoks, they are going home soon though). And also we have our district leader(elder Sly) and (Elder Karstens, who has family in cardston, I think the Olson's and the Lows too). We took a bus to the elders quorum Presidents flat for dinner. He is from America and just moved back actually, so he told us he had bunch of food to get rid of. So we were pumped to go feast!(So hungry from fasting). Unfortunately we only got like 3 pieces of French toast each, and there was no syrup 😂 I loaded like 4 spoonfulls of peanut butter on each of mine though, they were good. This week is harvest week! Which means all of the mission focuses mostly on finding. We know that as we do this, the Lord will bless us with the people who are prepared, by this we will get so many investigators. Faith is so important. Monday we walked an hour to the ward mission leaders house, uphill! (Still getting used to all of the walking 😂) we had a great dinner there with the other set of elders and also he invited his neighbor who's a non member and we got to know him which was quite nice. Brother Blunt is the WML and oh my days he is the man! He drives a taxi for his job and works long hours, which makes him tired most of the time, but he takes his calling and all things to do with the church very seriously. Example of magnifying your calling! I know the Heavenly Father will bless us as we magnify the calls we have, and serve our fellow men. Luckily brother Blunt gave us a ride home! My companion has this USB with tons of great music and talks and "deep doctrine" stuff, which he loves oh my days haha.( He said his trainer loved deep doctrine, soo I will probably lol) we listen to that stuff at lunch , mornings and nights. My companion is the best. A big change is food I think. The meals me make aren't as big, and I had to get used to smaller portions. I gained like 10 pounds in the MTC and now I lost all of that lol. Not starving though! Don't worry haha eating good and healthy food, just not pigging out as I am used to. Tuesday(yesterday), our goal was to find 2 investigators. We went to the park the level and after A lot of trial we found a man, can't remember his name, but we got an appointment set! 1/2 yes! We knocked at this street called Riley road(we have been there a few times), and found this girl named Kate! 2/2 we reached our goal! We had ward council after and it was good. As you can see a lot of great things have happened that I am excited about so far in the field, i have been truly blessed by the Lord. I know without a shadow of a doubt, that I could not do any of this work without His help. Every night I pray for his help because the work is pretty hard sometimes, and these last couple of days I have been thinking about home a bit, family and friends. Elder Botta played a audio thing with talks of elder Holland and Erying with music in the back, anyways it was talking about missionary work and how it is not easy. No one said it was going to be,but with Christ it can be made easier and with the spirits guidance, miracles do happen. Salvation is not cheap! (Elder Holland) that is so true. Every time I am struggling, maybe like tirelessly walking uphill and I want to stop, or I'm struggling trying to find the need of someone we stop, or just am thinking about home, I think of all of the things dad has told me about the mission being hard and his experiences. It always helps and I have found myself laughing a few times because he knew exactly! Haha I made a Facebook account! Check me out( Brady Tollestrup), anyways when I made it using the church Wi-Fi, we came back later and I had like 200 random requests of random people! I just left them and soon there was like 400 requests! Oh my days! Anyways going to delete them all haha. Pday today obviously , got a coat and side bag!(The bag is not very big which is nice, coat is dark green it's nice, from TK max here instead of TJ max, weird) got a tie from a charity shop for a pound, to match my companion. Were gonna baptized all of Brighton by the end of transfer. Kidding just half. He's a funny dude. Ooh there is a basketball court/park right behind the church. We haven't went yet, but there are kids(uni aged) there every night. Were going to go and play with them and when I dunk on them they will want to listen to the message. That is the plan at least. Elder Botta likes to skateboard and there is a nice skate park here and he keeps asking me to buy him a skateboard 😂 we will visit a lady after 6 today (less active, old lady, with brother Blunt). I miss you all, and challenge you all to do regular personal BoM study! And Cody and emma, scripture study in the morning (when I was actually paying attention) has helped me so much here ! Seminary has been a great blessing too, Cody I am so jealous of you! I bet the McMahons are amazing, I can't wait till you get brother Clark though! EMMA Lou! Can't wait till you are in seminary, you will love it. Avery and Connor I hope BABY is doing well. Names?? Mom and Dad love you TWO and miss you, I can never say Thank you enough for all you have none for me , and how you have raised me in the gospel. Sad to see so many atheist and people whodont have the truth and won't listen to us :( just yesterday a family we talked to and the dad said he loved Jesus and we gave him a plan of salvation pamphlet. His wife didn't want home to take it and I think if she wasn't there we would have set up an appointment. I hope he reads it and becomes I interested. Anyways, I love all of you and I am doing well. I invite everyone to share the gospel with others and be examples!
Elder Tollestrup


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