July 23, 2018


Yeovil, England


Elder Jared Dunne

Moms Birthday

Hello everyone!

Totally slipped my mind to great my mass email!

My week has been great! Me and Elder Dunne are having a great time here in Yeovil.

It was elder Dunnes birthday and we partied all day! We went to Glastonbury and hung out with our friend Tim who is a Nordic witch doctor + our friend Martin whos a hard atheist and tries to hard-core bash us every time, then after we have a good laugh its great haha.

Elder Dunne is a boss and has taught me lots.

We had a cool teach on Sunday. We stopped by a man in the area book names Wayne. He's an atheist too, welcomed us in but shared with is he was very firm not to believe. We were firm, bore testimony, and by the end we have him a Book of Mormon and you could tell there was a difference in Him. He definetly felt the spirit. He's welcomed is back anytime.

It is my 11 month mark today and also....drum roll please.... my lovely mothers birthday!!!!!
Shout out to her. I love her so much! Have a great day mom!

My mission is flying by like nothing! I don't like it, if anyone knows how to slow down time let me know please.

Love you all

🇨🇦Elder Tollestrup🇬🇧


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