July 16, 2018


Yeovil, England


Elder Jared Dunne

July 16, 2018

Hello friends and family!

It's Elder Tollestrup here! Let's see what I did this week!

We had interviews with President Hughes! First one with him and he is an inspired man! I am so grateful to be serving under him and in this mission. Such a great opportunity and I am looking forward to a full year ahead+ A few months. President and Sister Hughes are quite young, the same age as my beloved parents, so roughly 25-30's

Speaking of my beloved parents, shoutout to them on their 23rd anniversary if mawwiage. Congarts guys! (Dont give up now;) haha only joking) thank you for always being the greatest examples to me of how to love, provide and sacrafice for us and eacgother. Love you both.

We've been working with Ryan, he's 15 and preparing for baptism in August! He'll be away on a 2 week camp, he left yesterday so that stinks but #Pray4Ryan! He's been taught everything and wants baptism, just needs some more church attendance! His heart is there, and he has true sincerity. I am amazed when we meet with him.

We did some hard labour for some members, the purchases. They live on a farm and I love to be there, reminds me of home. They have lots of work to do there.

We had district finding in Salisbury the sisters area! It went really well. Elder had an amazing idea. We set up a church table in the street with a ping pong net and cups on the one side with questions underneath each and a bit of water in each cup. We invited people to come and bounce a ping pong ball into a cup and if they get it in answer the question on the bottom. Thungs like "what is your greatest need?", "What is the purpose of life?", "What do you aspire to be?", etc. We were able to get 3 new friends for the sisters and we actually also got 3 new friends ourself! Which is crazy because we weren't even in our area! Miracles! God is good!

We had DLC Saturday and talked about changes and new rules, etc of the EBM. Not really any added rules, just follow the white handbook, and don't be stupid. I like it haha. President Hughes is a good man. My new zone leaders are elder Sharp, been out just a year and elder Ireland! Yes, the same elder Ireland who's a beast and is in my group. I love that man(shoutout to you brother)

Me and Elder Dunne have been having good times in our area. Lots of driving. I'm enjoying and getting used to it, but I try not to get too comfortable and stay super alert. Also alot of these English drivers have a severe case of road rage, my days some people are insane and need to come down. They need the gospel that's what they need!

Love you all, thanks for your love and support.

Also shoutout to grandma and grandpa T for the package with the chocolate and tie, I received it abit late as my previous zone leaders weren't on the ball! Nonetheless I got it! My new favourite tie!

Lots of love

🇨🇦Elder Tollestrup🇬🇧


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