June 27, 2018


Yeovil, England


Elder Jared Dunne

Yeovil first week

Hello friends and family!
Life is crazy right now and so many things going on with the mission change, me changing my area, and the saddest thing just happened... I wrote a massive and detailed email of my week, then I accidentally deleted it or something, so now I'll try to rewrite it because I love you all but it's probably going to be a but rubbish.

Shoutout to Elder Hruby and Elder Dunne. Elder Hruby, I will miss you bro. Thanks for being an amazing example and companion. Always working hard and being a true disciple of Christ. Also putting up with your weird Canadian companion🇨🇦.I already know you'll be an amazing district leader and magnify your stewardship over the district and continue the amazing work in the promised land of Hastings #HastingsIsHome #HASTENINGinHASTINGS #APhurby 😉

Elder Dunne, you are a beast and we are going to kick it here in Yeovil! What I've learned about Elder Dunne is that he is a proper cool dude, very humble and loves the people in Yeovil and does all he can to help me settle in, new area, new flat, new car, etc. The weeks to come will be legendary!

I met elder Jacobs at the temple!! It was so good to see him. We hugged it out, and had a good chat. Sad he'll be in the London mission though! Elder Still went home today, he's probably on the plain right now. He's a beast.

I drove straight away after we left the temple. So bizzare driving on the left side and steering wheel on the right side! Abit shaky when I started but I think I'm getting a hang of it. Though these narrow British roads are scary! We almost ran out of gas on the 3 hour drive back to Salisbury, the sisters area to help them with there luggage and give them there keys. We luckily took a wrong turn and ended up by Gatwick airport and found a petrol(gas) station there. Got gas, back to our area after helping the sisters, unpacked, saw Phil an investigator, basically a member but not baptised. There are some sick people we are teaching and I will write more about them next week! We may go to stone henge for p-day next week! It's in the sisters area. Life is good, the church is true! I love you all, thanks for your prayers!

Yours truly,

🇨🇦Elder Tollestrup🇬🇧

James and Zoe passed their interviews for baptism for this weekend!! I wish I could be there! Oh well though, I will be there in spirit.


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