December 13, 2017


Brighton, England


Elder Botta

Another Week Gone!

Hello family!

(I had to send this quick and couldn't find Connors email so Avery I know you can share it with him, btw, I love all the baby pics!)

It's almost Christmas! Thankyou for all of the packages and great emails! I am sorry that I am a terrible person for not sending any packages or letters home for Christmas.. I have thought what I could send home and have some things in mind but wow it's quite pricy $£$£$£$£
Stamps are pretty cheap though, I will see if I can but please don't expect one..:/ I'm sorry haha love all of you!! ❤❤
So Olivia is doing great! She went to the new member session of stake conference along with all the rest. She has a few YSA friends now. She will be giving a talk soon about her conversion! Ahh! She said she is actually excited which is super boss because she is quite shy. We have almost reached our mission baptism goal!! We go to the temple this coming Tuesday the 19th! We as the Crawley zone go to the temple last out of all the zones (actually I think 1 or 2 other zones will go with us too). The lady who read the book of Mormon, Siobhan, we will finally meet with her this friday! Well extend some dates for her and her daughter's for January. As a mission we always extend a baptismal date on the first lesson. I'm not sure if all missions do that but i think it's quite effective. Obviously there are circumstances where you can't but usually it can set apart those who really are seeking help and improvement in there life with those not quite ready or prepared. Almost there, just need 21 more and we have 29 pretty solid friends on date! It's really not a numbers game, every souls worth is great. The numbers just help us to reach bigger and bigger goals. They help us streeetch, (not stress) and reach our fuller potential.
I am super excited to Skype you all :)
This week as been pretty chill, soooo much finding oh my days. We haven't had any teaching appointments lately or solid people. If you can remember that we white washed and opened a new area when we came to Brighton. Since then we have made so much more structure to the area and have built up the area book tons but still the work can be slow sometimes. It's improving though. Member work isn't great here. It can be quite a challenge to find members to come on teaches, and when teaching a female it is necessary for us to have another male. The members are great the problem is that there are 400 members in the Brighton and Hove area, with about 60 active members... and they are mostly older people haha amazing people though. Christmas will we good here I think. We will be with the other missionaries I think on Christmas. Not sure if any members will invite us, fingers crossed! 🤞 I'm sitting in the barber's right now waiting to get a hair cut. There are hundreds of hair salons here. I have been to a different one each week haha. I've found the a £9 hair cut is worth 9£ for a reason 😂😂 and a 13£ as well. This one today is 10£ so let's see! I plan to learn to cut my own hair.
Me and the Italian stallion or doing well. Healthy and usually happy haha. Still sometimes he drives me nuts but he has been a good trainer. Usually when I stand back and look at things I can see that I can always make a change in myself to better get along.
Hmm, what else. A Catholic man told us that we have a good faith, but not the fullness of the gospel because we don't beleive in the trinity... he was old so we were nice and didn't bash him. Haha
Not sure what else is going on here, I can't think of anything else. MY thoughts are not as organised as id like!
Love you all, thank you for your prayers.

🇨🇦Elder Tollestrup🇬🇧


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