December 6, 2017


Brighton, England


Elder Botta

Love y'all

Hello family! How are all of you??
I'm still here in here in Brighton, I'll be here for Christmas. Crazy to be away from all of you!
No new baptsims but the work is hastening like crazy here. So I've told you all this before, the mission's goal for the year is 280 BD's it is more than a number though. It is inspired of the Lord. Right now we have 257 with a month to go. 23 dates to go and I know that we will accomplish it. I have no doubts. As long as we work hard and smart everyday we will reach it!
This week was a bit of a blur to be honest, I can't remember much haha. I'm sorry.
Light the world is going good as a missionary. An easy way to stop people on the street. Everyone loves Christmas and helping others(mostly). A crazy story about an investigator/friend. So her name is Kate and we met her the 1st week here in Brighton. She seemed golden but we never met with her :/ she texted us and said she wasn't really interested and didn't want to meet anymore.. heart breaking... anyways we have seen her around a few times and recently we shared light the world with her. We are now in a Facebook group chat with her and she is fully engaged in Light the World! So cool! Yeah were going to baptize her. Probably all of Brighton tbh.
I hope you are all doing 💡light the🌍world it's great.
Read your scriptures family!
Love you ❤

🇨🇦Elder Tollestrup🇬🇧


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