November 29, 2017


Brighton, England


Elder Botta

Yo Yo Yo

Hello family! How are you all?
Spencer, I loved your emails these past couple of weeks. Very uplifting for me, thank you and also I'm jealous of your bike! I'm looking forward to see how you crash your bike next...haha I'm kidding, love you brotha!

The work is going good here. So about a month ago me and Elder Botta went to help a member with some service! We found out that the member(sister Goatcher), needed help as she was helping her non member friend move houses. This lady is partially paralyzed and can't do a lot, especially not move. So we pretty much moved her whole house from one place to another. So like i said that was over month ago and we didn't think much about it. We just went to serve! So 2 weeks ago, sister goatcher told us that her friend that we help is very interested and that she is anxious to meet with us! Turns out that she gave her (Siobhan) a book of Mormon and she read the whole book in a week! She was very impressed with our service to her. She has been texting us and says that she feels this is the change that she needs to make in her life! She has 3 daughters, ages 14, 11 and 7 I think. We are pumped! We will see her this Friday! Unfortunately I will be on an exchange so elder Botta and Elder Sly will go there but flip, I am pumped.
I guess an example of how seeds are planted in missionary work. Pretty amazing. The Lord is hastening this work.
Elder Ballard has extended an initiative to all of the Europe area, not sure if you've heard of it. What it is, is that every member from now till Christmas should find someone, anyone to invite to meet with the missionaries... it's great!
Marco, I member(oh my days he's the best), has already found us someone, one of his friends from Uni. We are so blessed here.
This week is the harvest week! That means the whole mission focuses hard-core on finding and we always get bug results!
This week a finished the Book of Mormon! My study was to underline every time it spoke of Christ. So yeah, this is actually the very first time I have read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover... about time I know!
None the less, I know that the Book is true! In excited for my next study!
The next study uses all 4 standard works. So if you go to the topical guide and go to Jesus Christ, underneath you'll see many references such as Jesus Christ, advocate, the atoined...etc everyone I will go and mark the verse. Not sure how long it will take, but president Nelson did this and said he became a different person after form the impact it had on him basically. Super cool.
Everything's going good. Moves happen in Tuesday, I will know on Friday... who knows!! After this week my training will officially be done! I'm free! (In reality I wish I had another month to train!)

I love you all I will try to send some pics soon! Take care!

Elder Tollestrup


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