September 21, 2017


Brighton, England


Elder Botta

A Bit More Info

My companion is elder botta! He is Italian! We are here at Brighton and our flat is amazing! We each have our own bathroom, good beds, good closets, weights,nice kitchen and study area, a couch. It's spacious. We went grocery shopping today and got stocked up. Around 40 pounds... a lot, but it will do us good for a while. Brighton is a hard area. Tons of gay people, highest in the world or something. I already saw two trannys, very interesting. In my interview with prez Gubler, I told him in a sense that I wanted a challenge or to be thrown in the deep end right away, so I guess I got what I asked for! Can I take it back?? No I'm kidding, this is all very exciting and very different. I cant believe I am here. We missed our train to get here so had to wait a little bit then got on another, made it to Brighton but our phone doesn't work, no Wi-Fi, We were stranded. After like 30 min we found a pay phone and called the other missionaries close to us, and no answer, 5 min later they called back the pay phone, they came we rode on the bus to get to our flat, like I said very nice, a ĺot of chinese book of Mormons and pamphlets and other stuff there because the old missionaries there were chinese(we may have to learn some Chinese...)
Anyways we are opening a new area, white washing, neither of us know anything about the area. We are going to get me a jacket and a bag. Elder botta has been out 10 months, he's quiet and sometimes hard to understand but I love him. He will train me well. Said my goodbyes to all of my MTCZ pals, gonna miss them. I miss all of you at home. I hope you are all safe and healthy! I am doing great! Cody Jay, EMMA may, keep up the good work in vball! Love both of you and keep up the great work in school. The Lord will bless you as you do. Listen to mom and dad and always keep the house clean. Mom and Dad, love you guys, hope you are doing amazing! I feel your prayers and love. Every time I might have a fear or think something might be too hard for me, i remember a few things. I remember that in all I do I have Heavenly Father's help and the Saviours atonement, I have lots of family on the other side of the veil right beside me helping me, and of course I have you guys, and the rest of the family, praying for me and giving me strength. Also I think of the hardships that the pioneers had, I can do hard things! Love all of you! See you next week!
Love ,
Elder Tollestrup

We prayed to find someone to have a baptismal date, went to the church, they key wasn't there so couldn't get in, left came back, no key, we send emails from outside, but comes asked to be baptized, we teach him outside of the church, set a baptismal date, we will meet with him Saturday evening. Miracles happening already, it all depends in faith and the Lord has blessed us to meet Benjamin. He's a good guy, he has some confusion with doctrine, we will teach him, he will feel the spirit and know it's true and he will be baptized.
Love all of you,
Elder Tollestrup


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