December 30, 2019


Ponca City


Elder Huang

Ahhh Yeahhhh

iakwe ro jeiu im jatu! This week was so cool. We partied so hard with these Majels (Marshallese People). They know how to party I'll tell ya what. It was awesome. I will send some videos of "Biit". It is a Marshallese dance that they take super seriously. It is so cool though I loved it. I love these Majels and their awesome culture. We had a whole entire pig, it was insane. They gave me three full plates of food and I had to eat it all and I have never been so full in my life. I had to ask the other Elders to help me haha. But this Sunday was awesome we had 21 total and 6 of our friends (investigators) at church. It is growing, the Lord is blessing us. He is blessing us with more and more people to teach. Were inching closer and closer to a branch! Elder Huang and I have been playing this game called Unstable Unicorns so much and it is so fun. Yall should do Come Follow Me and then play Unstable Unicorns after hhahah it's so sick. But I am so stoked for the New Year and Come and Follow Me! They are doing it in Marshallese this year so that will be a huge blessing for us. My New Years resolution is to write better emails, I will do my best to give yall some more details because we really see some awesome miracles out here. God is good! thank you all for the love and support! Love yall God speed!

Elder Barben


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