September 9, 2019


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Springer and Elder Miner


Aye friends and family! I am sorry that my emails have been super bad since I came out hah. I will try and do better, it is just hard because we don't have much time. But we have some awesome people that we are teaching right now, if I told you about all of them this would be a book hah. But if they would just get married, we would have 6 baptisms this week. It is super frustrating. They know that it is true, but it's just not the culture to be married. They are super relaxed people and say they will be married "juon raan" or "mottan jiddik" which means one day or almost. We are trying to help them realize the importance of it, and we are definitely making progress. One couple is married and the husband is trying to stop smoking and he will hopefully be able to do that soon. They are so solid, they are prepared. The church is true. It changes people, it is so awesome. I have been changed so much already. But this week was super fun. Everyone always takes a pic with their name tag in the sand of the beach and its way pretty, so i took my Oklahoma version this week. Its way funny haha. We went to some majel softball games and it was way fun. I miss playing ball, i wanted to go hit so bad. There are soo many frogs here it's insane, and one jumped on elder miners tie and scared the crap out of him. But the language is going good. Elder Springer leaves after this transfer and so I am trying soo hard to learn the language. It is exhausting but it's worth it. It is coming along, the Lord is helping me out for sure. There are some new videos that the church released about inviting people to "come and see, come and help, come and stay." Please watch those and help out the missionaries because we need yall. Members are powerful. But thank you all for being awesome! Love yall. God speed!

Elder Barben


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