September 2, 2019


Enid, Oklahoma


Elder Springer and Elder Miner

Ij iakwe eok

Iakwe friends and family! Thanks again for all the birthday wishes. I am so blessed to have yall in my life. But this week has been so good. We have had some major bike issues though. Elder Miner messed his bike up so bad haha. But we have a lot of people progressing really well. It is so cool to see how much the Gospel blesses their lives and my testimony is growing along with their's. The sisters and some of the members got me some stuff for my birthday, it was so cool of them haha. Missionaries are so nice, its crazy. The longer I am out here, the more weird food I see. These iakwes eat pig heads. A legit pig head. There is a pic of it about to get boiled hah its so weird. But these people are the best. I love them so much already. I hate going on exchanges because then I have to teach white people and theyre mean hah. No just kidding theyre awesome too, just not as cool as the iakwes. This gramma also cooked us this fish and it looked pretty scary, but it wasn't too bad actually. I felt like I was in the islands. Also there are the biggest frogs I have ever seen in my life here. I went to grab one but then it jumped and it was so scary. I thought it was going to pull me in the pond hah. We have a lot of fun here, my comps are so cool. Elder Springer goes home soon so thats kind of sad, he has been so cool. I look up to him a lot. We also have been working hard, it is definitely not easy being a missionary but it is the best. I have changed so much already and am looking forward to seeing more of that change. The church is true! God Speed!

Elder Barben


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