September 4, 2017


First Area


Elder Peterson

September 2017

Hey family!

How was your week? This week was pretty good over in Indiana, yesterday a member of the stake presidency presided and conducted, and he had the coolest English accent, and he was a big Polynesian guy! Super funny and super cool.

I also met yet another person who speaks Spanish, her name is Aurelia. She used to meet with missionaries and she doesn't speak English at all, so she lost contact with them. It was raining so we decided to visit her since we saw her in the Area book, which is a big book of people missionaries have taught in the past. She's pretty awesome. She works 7 days a week on 3rd shift so it's hard for her, but she still reads the Book of Mormon and wants to come to church. cool stuff.

We also will be teaching a young couple today Evan and Alex. When we met, the only day we could meet was Monday at 430. So we have an appointment during our p-day, which I am actually not disappointed about at all. I've only got 2 years, less now I guess, to share the gospel full time, so to me and elder Peterson, it's not a sacrifice, it's kind of a blessing. It's cool that I actually like sharing the gospel now, I honestly never thought I would but for some reason I have found that desire and love. It's an awesome feeling.

Hope you all are doing awesome. Sure love you,

Elder Wells 2.0


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