August 21, 2017


First Area


Elder Peterson

August 2017

Hello everyone,

There's okay weeks, then there's good weeks, then there's great weeks. Then there is super awesome brilliant miraculous weeks. Glad to say, this week was one of those.

It started off on Monday when we held a family home evening with a less active member and her daughters. We went in there hoping to kindle a flame and help them to feel a real connection with Heavenly Father, but it was way cooler. While we did a little activity to set up what we would talk about, the daughters seemed like they couldn't care less, but as the evening progressed, the mother who was silent the entire time began to cry as she talked. As she continued to give her testimony, she could not hide the tears, and by the end, neither could her daughters. As we sat in silence for a couple minutes, we just soaked in the amazing spirit that was there. It was an awesome eye opening experience to me.

We also had a lesson with a sweet older lady who we have been meeting with for a couple weeks. She has been doing awesome and reading the scriptures and praying, but she did not want to come to church because of past experiences. It was a hurdle that she believed she would never get over, and to an extent, we began to think the same thing. But this time was different. We met with her, but we brought a lady from the ward with us, and she and the sweet old lady just clicked! They couldn't stop talking to each other, and they ended up staying and talking even after we left, and because of this one new friend, she was now excited to go to church and have someone to talk to other than us. It seems like there is always a way to overcome everything.

Another experience we had was not as uplifting as these, but it was an experience that strengthened me so much. On Friday nights we have a Bible study at the apartments where that lady lives, and there is a man there who is very respectful, but does not like missionaries at all. We always have really good discussions and there is never any tension, until this week. We were reading like we always do and my companion made a comment about a scripture we read, and as soon as he did, the man snapped and yelled "Joseph Smith is a lunatic and you are crazy to read the Book of Mormon". Instead of surprised, I felt no good feelings in the room as soon as he said that, I looked at him and all I could do was bear testimony. Never before have I felt such a strong witness of the truthfulness of what we do and teach, I sat there and despite this flack we were getting, I knew why I was here. My testimony literally doubled in size through a trial of my faith. (Sounds like Ether 12:6 to me).

If these weren't enough, I also had another experience that was my favorite, aside from our baptism this week. As we were walking through the park we saw a big party going on and music playing and didn't think much of it. Then I heard a distinct yell in our direction, "Hermano!". We looked around a little then kept going. Then again, "Hermano!". Then I turned and saw that a man in that group was ushering us toward him, and as I observed him closer I saw it was Tele! It was my Hispanic buddy who I had met about a month ago, and he couldn't speak English so we talked to each other in Spanish instead.When we got up to him, we caught up and he introduced us to all his family, cousins, friends, and everyone that was there. There was probably 40 people there! He invited us to eat with them and we did, and we had a great discussion. I thought I might not ever see him again, but we were brought back together (thank goodness for growing up in New Mexico). He even invited us to talk to him at his house! Best week ever!

Well that's the super cool week, hope all is well with everyone.

Sure love you all,
Elder Wells


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