July 31, 2017


First Area


Elder Klingonsmith

July 2017

Hello everyone,

This week was super busy and super quick. I went on two separate exchanges, one with my MTC companion and one with the Zone Leaders. It was so cool to see the progress that my MTC companion has made in the span of just over a month. He used to be very timid, unsure, and hesitant, but when I went to his area he was more confident than I have ever seen him. It's amazing to see the growth that occurs on a mission, and I know that he didn't do it alone, he had His help.

Back in Batesville we were also really busy with lessons and contacting a bunch of potentials. Only about 3 weeks ago we literally had nobody that we were actively teaching, and now we have so many that it's difficult to schedule out our appointments. The past few weeks have been riddled with little miracles and tender mercies. Just on Thursday we received a media referral for a young woman who lives in the neighboring town of Greensburg. We were able to find her and we got to teach her the Restoration, and it was the most powerful and inspiring lesson I have had so far. While we taught she never once looked away from us and she was almost entranced at what we were saying, almost like what we were teaching was too good to be true. She has been through more than I could ever imagine and she's only 15 years old. My heart ached for what she had been through, but it then turned to complete joy and happiness as we taught, because we were able to tell her that she does have a loving Heavenly Father who cares about her.

Towards the end of our lesson we asked her how she had felt during the lesson and she wasted no time in telling us that "I know God was speaking to me through you". This simple yet profound statement gave me so much comfort in knowing that she didn't just "Think" that He was there for her, but that she "Knew" He was there for her.

Our week was strewn with instances like these, where someone would talk to us reluctantly at first, but then by the end of our conversation, we were able to help them see that there is always someone there for them, even in the darkest corners of life.

One last experience we had was with a man who was sitting on the stairs to his house, and he looked a little sketchy. We were walking to an appointment that we were already a few minutes late for so we were walking quickly and didn't think we had time to talk, but almost at the exact same time me and my companion turned to each other and just looked at each other without any words and then walked up to him. As we talked we realized how much he needed to have an uplifting message, so we were able to teach him a little bit, and we set up a time to go visit him, and he was so excited! If we didn't talk to him because we "didn't have enough time", we would have never have been able to help him in his search.

Have miracles ceased? Behold I say unto you, Nay; neither have angels ceased to minister unto the children of men.
- Moroni 7:29

Miracles will always be out there, we just need to have the courage and faith to find them.

Sure love you all,
Elder Wells


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