July 17, 2017


First Area


Elder Klingonsmith

July 2017

Hello everyone!

Another week has come and gone, and even though the days seem long, the weeks fly by. There were so many high points this week, but with every high, there comes a low.

After P-day last week we traveled down to another town in our area called Osgood. There was a couple of less actives we were going to go see, and we didn't really plan on staying there for a long time. All of our plans fell through so we ended up just trying to talk to as many people as we could. At first no one wanted to talk to us because it was a Catholic town, but after a while we came to a road where a guy walked out of his house because he saw us, and we then we were able to teach him the restoration on his front porch, and he said we could always come by and talk to him. But later in the week we made our way back down to Osgood and he wasn't home, so we ended up having to do the same thing and just try to find people, and this was on a day where my companion was on exchange in another area so even though the Elder I was with had been out for a year, I was the one leading out the entire day. We ended up meeting a man who has talked to missionaries before and has been wanting to talk to them, but he could never find them. So again, almost the same thing happened. We taught him the Restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon, and he LOVED everything we said. He has already read a lot and we get to go back to teach him this week.
We also had a media referral that we were finally able to get in contact with, and he's also very open and eager to learn from us.
We went from 0 investigators, to 4 solid investigators in just a day and a half.

But with every high comes the low. The past few days have been rough with regards to people being willing to talk with us. In fact all the people we've talked to and doors we've knocked on in the past 2 days, they either didn't answer or slammed the door. Everyone, except one person.

As we were walking back to the apartment at about 9 on Friday, there was a man who I walked past on the street and I was going to keep walking, but I ignored that feeling and started talking to him. But then I realized that this man did not speak English. I realized that he could only speak Spanish, and so I began to talk to him. He then looked at me bewildered, saying how can an 18 year old white boy in a shirt and tie know Spanish? We talked for about 5 or 10 minutes and he was surprised when I said I was from New Mexico. He was awesome and we got to talk about who we were and why we were there, and I got to explain to him what we believe, and even though he didn't agree with all of our beliefs, he said he found a new respect for "The Mormons", and we parted ways with a handshake and a fist bump. It was such a testament to me of how much Heavenly Father knows us, and know where we are. I was dying to talk to anyone who was willing to listen, and He placed this amazing man in my path, and had I not opened my mouth, he may have never been able to hear our message.
This week has been such a good experience because it showed me how to roll with the punches and keep moving forward and staying focused on why I am here, and if I keep my head up, I will be directed to those who are willing to listen.

I love you all and hope everything is well.

Elder Wells


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