July 3, 2017


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Elder Klingonsmith

First P-Day email

Hello my awesome family,

There's not much else that I did not put in my mass email, but I did want to get a little more specific.
This week we taught a couple who were progressing and were open to the gospel, but after a couple of days our Bishop asked us that we not contact them or teach them anymore. That hurt. They are struggling and we were helping them to live better lives and giving them that hope that is there for them, and then we had to stop. It was really hard because it felt like we had to abandon them and leave them with a hole in their hearts, but it all comes down to obedience. Both of us did not agree with the Bishop, but we respected his decision and knew that he was doing what he knew was best.

We will be teaching a couple of 8 and 9 year old's though which should be fun, challenging, and hopefully rewarding when they are baptized.

On a more fun note, this is like my dream ward. There are 2 pilots in the ward, one of them flies for Delta and actually built his own plane too! It took him 12 years to build it! There is also a man who used to coach golf in San Diego and he has one of those decked out golf simulators in his house, and I got to hit a few balls! By the way, I suck now, haha. Then there is the Connelys who are basically mom and dad, just 20 years from now and they are hilarious, and they're also the ones who took us to Batesville from transfers.

How is everyone? Anything exciting happen? Is the world still spinning?

By the way, our address is 314 N Main Street Batesville IN 47006

Love you all so so much and everything is awesome!

Elder Wells 2.0


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