June 20, 2017




Elder Raymond

MTC week 2

Mom, Dad, and Jess,

This week was honestly awesome! Last week I was feeling way too overridden with all the training and teaching etc, but I have gotten into the swing of things and it has become super fun. Before I left I thought everything was going to be work, work, work, and even though it is, for some reason it doesn't feel like work. I get up at 6:30, and the next I know I'm crashing into bed at 10:30. It's all a blur now. Even when I get down to write in my journal, I forget a lot of the stuff I did, even though I still remember a lot. We only have 4 elders to a room which is awesome, and the other two elders are Elder King and Elder Bochino who are going to Omaha. King is a straight up cowboy and is awesome. Elder Bochino is loud, and hilarious! Their district is like all of the cool kids from high school and mine is like all of the ones who were on honor roll, but we still have a ton of fun as a zone. Our district is also super close, and probably the most united one and we definitely have the most fun.

This week has also been full of awesome experiences, I have already had the opportunity to give a priesthood blessing twice and both times it was the coolest thing I'd ever done. The first one was for Sister Germann who was not feeling well and she asked for a blessing to help with that, but as I was giving the blessing I had the distinct impression also to give her a blessing of comfort. I forgot most of what I said, but remember that it was the strongest I had ever felt the spirit. Afterwards she told me how what I said what exactly what she needed to hear and that her spiritual and emotional fortitude was strengthened, and I could see a difference in her. Seeing this gave me a huge boost of faith in what I am doing here, I am here to be completely selfless.

In one of the devotionals we watched this week I remember Elder Bednar talking about the Savior and how when he had every excuse in the world to turn inward and worry about himself and feel sorry for himself, he turned outward. He then shared a story of a woman. In the story this woman called him (when he was a stake president) and told him that 3 girls had been in a very bad accident and 1 had been killed, and one of these girls was her daughter, but she didn't know if her daughter was the one who had passed away. Then there was the person in the ambulance on the other line talking to the mother as well, along with Elder Bednar. This paramedic was a member so she called the mother as soon as possible and while they were on the phone the mother received the news that the one who had died was her daughter. After this awful news Elder Bednar expected her to break down, but instead she said "Elder Bednar, we need to communicate with the parents of these other two girls immediately." . A remarkable showing of her turning outward instead of inward. But that's just the beginning, then she wentstraight to church to relief society where another sister who didn't know what had happened,chewed her out for not taking food to another sister. But she didn't tell her a thing about the fact that her daughter had just been killed, or that she was on her way to the funeral, instead she took the food to the other sister.

This is what I always remember now, whenever I have every excuse to turn inward, I think about this sister who never did, even in extreme circumstances.

I love you guys so much and hope everything in going well,

Elder Wells 2.0


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