January 17, 2017


9 de Julio


Elder Venegas

Drop your nets

So this week was pretty freaking cool. We had the baptismal interview for Milagros, the sister of Nico the boy who was baptized my second week here. SO we went on splits with our ZLs for this interview. I went with Elder Mercier, who is from Southern California. After the interview the mom of milagros said she has a niece (from Cordoba) on a mission in Temple Square, Mercier asked when she went into the MTC, and she said she entered in August, which means I met her because Elder Bunker and I talked to a Hermana who was from Cordoba while we were at the MTC. So thats cool. Elder Mercier and I got talking and turns out we got mutual friends on Facebook haha. He knows two girls from my dads ward, and he has seen my stepbrother Chris before. SO small world x 10!! What are the odds!? I got thinking this week, and here is my message to all missionaries about missionary work. Your mission is 730 days (17520 hours, if you´rean Elder) If you have the siesta, 6,472 hours are spent sleeping, 2,190 hours spent studying, 730 hours for lunch, and only 8,128 hours working, or 487,680 minutes working, or 338.6 days actually working. So not even a year actually working. Drop your nets and be a fisher of men!
Elder Vasion


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