September 3, 2016



Last pday in the MTC

Que pasa mufasa?! The start to this week was hectic. I had to get my fbi background check sent to the travel office here at the mtc. Which included about 6 phone calls to mom trying to get a pin to access the back ground check. We got our travel plans yesterday, but Elder Peterson (our DL) decided he was going to have fun on his bday. So he had placed all of the other Elders travel plans on there desk but mine. We all had thought I was going state side since I just got my FBI BC in this week. So they also had "Where in the World is Vasion Going?" with the world scratched out and underneath was US lol. I was really bummed because i anted to go with the majority of my district to Buenos Aries airport. ANd it looked like those dreams were dashed. PERO, he had mine in his comps side bag. He actually had all of them since lunch, pero wanted us to be focused all day. He even pretended he didn't have them after dinner :/ Pero he did. He just wanted to have fun. I became the second oldest in our building by 5 days a little while ago :/ Pero esta bein. A roommate and i found out last night as we got a spare key to get into our locked room; that the reason why the people going to Argentina in our district (6 of 9) didn't go to the Buenos Aries MTC is because they had six weeks of renovations to do to a part of it. So instead of being at Provo with 2,400 missionaries, we all could have been with 80!! Pero, I have really enjoyed being here in Provo. I have loved our teachers, one is Sister Riley's nephew, Hermano Stephens. Yo testifico el Libro de Mormon es verdadero. Yo se Jose Smith fue un profeta de Dios. Yo se JesuCristo es mi Salavdor. Yo se Dios es nuestro Padre amoroso. Yo hablo ese cosas en el nombre de JesuCristo, amen.


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