November 18, 2019


Otavalo, Ecuador


Elder Mostacero

#66 4 Missionary Companionship

Hello Family and Friends,Wow what a week.So my Old Comp Elder Murcia was gonna train but that missionary didn't get his Visa so we are in a trio working two sectors and doing splits with members like crazy.We had a conference with Elder Zeballos(a 70).We went to Quito for a Mission council(Zone Leaders) and then the road back was closed for the evening so we stayed in Quito. While there me and another missionary had fun tazing one another with a real taser.Our people with a date ARE:Mercedes She has a date for baptism the 7 of December. She has gone to Church for a year and just didn't want to get baptised but now she is ready and wants to get baptised on her birthday.The other is the Salazar Family and I got to put the date on them Saturday. Roberto, Mayra, and Daniel(12 years old). They have a goal for the 21 of December. I tried to invite them to baptism like 5 times and everytime their baby started screaming its head off, then calmed down, then repeat 5 times but wow Satan and the spirit were there.Alma 26:27 (please put the scripture and say this....)We have been thinking about this scripture a lot this week as missionaries especially cause the missionaries in our Zone have been having lots of problems this week. But it is true. In our dificuilt moments the Lord will comfort us IF we turn to him. There are lots of hard things to do in this world but the Lord will give us success if we dont do it alone.One of the missionaries went home, so his companion joined our trio, now we are a foursome, working three sectors, all with people on date. It will be a busy week. -Elder Hallsted


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