January 8, 2019


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Camacho

#22 Hives

Hola!So first off. Some good news. I DONT HAVE FLEAS! Wahooo!But I do have a spiritual thought: We have a saying here."The Book of Mormon Converts, the Bible convinces" Ive really seen the Book of Mormon change lives here. The Bible is great as well, but I see missionaries use it more to "prove" people wrong when they just want to argue that their church is right and ours is wrong. We read tham a scripture from their own bible and alot of people will directly deny it. They will say something like it was written a long time ago and commandments and ordinances have changed or something like that. I like what the Book of Mormon says about the bible in 1Nephi 13. That the Bible had the precious covenants of the jews but they started to get lost and Satan got his hands on the Bible and changed it a little. Thats why there are thousands of different Bibles. The Bible I have in English is different from what I have in spanish and I can see how people interpuret it differently. Dont get me wrong I love the Bible and Im reading it a lot more now, But the book of Mormon is so powerful and helps us learn a lot more about Christ.So I dont have fleas but I did develop an allergy to something(probably shrimp). SO that day we were supposed to be indoors at 3 pm I was dying. It covered my body, I didnt have medication for it, ans I was ripping my flesh off. One of my eyes even started to close up cause it got a hive on it. I slept a solid painful hour that night, then the next day we took a bus to the city center to find a pharmacy, and I saw an open one so I booked it. I literally jumped off the bus while it was moving)ive perfected that by the way= and kinda lost my comp for a seconds to get something to fix it. It kinda went away but I couldnt walk much that day and my foot was like bruised-scarred so I called the Doc again and he told me to keep my feet elavated when I could to get the bad blood in my feet to circulate. So my district calls me "Koli Poki" from "The Other Side of Heaven" cause I had my feet in the air and was dying. But all is better now.We are teaching Miguels (I taught him and he was baptised in November) Neice right now. We invited her to be baptised in Feb. but she said no at first so we asked her why not. Before she could respond her son Andy said "get baptised Mommy!". It was so cute. She finally said yes! Andy comes every week with Miguel and I gave him candy a few weeks ago and a bouncy ball so he sits right next to me every week and begs for candy after church haha. He wants to get baptised when he turns 8 in may.I taught a guy named Jose one time 1.5 months ago, but his schedule is difficult. I finally got him on the phone this week and made an appointment for Monday in the Morning...Elder Camacho wasn¨t to happy that we now have to wake up a little earlier on our P'day, but after the appointment today he was so pumped. This guy is so ready he just cant visit with us much cause his work and school. So good things are coming. Me and Elder Camacho work really well together and we found that if we just kinda present the Book of Mormon without asking if they have time first, people get interested more and we can come back if their schedule permits. The Book of Mormon is SOOO powerful.It is really cool to introduce it to people. I know without a doubt that it is true.-Elder Hallsted


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