December 27, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Camacho

#20 Womens ROOM

So one of the things that missionaries get to do is invite people to do things to help improve their lives, and help them do keep these invitations/commitments. So Im gonna start my email again by reminding you to do something different this Christmas morning to help you remember Christ. Something like reading scriptures and having family prayer before going to the tree, or reading the Living Christ. I promise it will help you to have a better Christmas.

So this week on different days all 170 missionaries in the mission traveled to Quito for some spiritual instruction, dinner, games and some gifts from President Murphy and his wife. Probably the coolest thing was everyone in the mission getting a brand new pillow. Me and Elder Camacho didnt really have much in that regard before because we a re the first Elders in our house and never really got to it. We slept really really well the next night.

Me and Elder Camacho think we ate something the other week cause we both had problems with our stomach one day. I used the restroom during a zone activitly and then we traveled back to our city and I actually payed to use the restroom in the terminal. I NEVER DO THAT. I hate paying to use the restroom. But it was an emergency and my body all of a sudden gave me the 15 second count down. We payed, they the lady was cleaning the mens room and told us to use the Womens. I RAN. Elder Camacho sat that adventure out. He wouldnt do it, but he did have his camera ready as I walked out. That punk. The faces I got were undescribable. I gringo in Ecuador nicely dressed, and Using the womens room attracts looks.

One day later we called it a night a little early cause Elder Camacho had the same problem. We were 10 minuets away and he thought he could make it. We stopped a couple of times to sit for some ensurance, then we could almost see the gate to our house but he gave me a look and told me to get in a Taxi. it should have been 20 cents, but they charged him the base fee of $1.50 which was a lot. We were in the car for 30 seconds. hahahah

We have two people now with a date to be baptized on the 19 of January. Enrique and Jimmy. They both came to Church this week and loved it so that was awesome. They are progressing, we just hope they dont have family problems that will prevent them in the future.

¡Feliz Navidad!
-Elder Hallsted

p.s. some funny moments.
I payed Elder Camacho $1 to eat all my tomatoes the other day cause the lady gave me a HEAPING second plate with half just tomatoes
-A guy told me when I come back to Ecuador I could marry his sister cause shes single...In front of her


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