October 8, 2018


Ibarra, Ecuador


Elder Ellsworth

#9 I ate PIG FOOT and Washed my Laundry in a Bucket!!

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been quite the adventure. One of the Spiritual highs this week was with a lady named Maria. We saw her washing laundry early this week and she stopped and invited us in to hear what we had to say. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and asked her to read the introduction and pray about the book before our next visit in 2 days. When we returned she invited 3 friends over who want to listen to us. Maria read everything to 1 NEPHI CHAPTER 5!! That rarely happens but she said she loved it so much. Her friends all asked us for copies to read as well. The Book of Mormon is so powerful.
I ate Pig Feet this week and it wasnt unbearable but Its not my favorite. It smelt like I was gutting a dove but it tasted kinda rubbery like Octopus. I ate it fine but my Comp was Dying. He hates it and was struggling to eat it. The family noticed and asked like 5 times if he like it and he just said he loved it even though they could tell he was struggling to eat it.
It has been raining for a good part of 3 days now. The first night we came back soaked. When it rains pretty much Everyone takes the day off and closes up shop so pretty much everything is closed today.
Conference was amazing and I was able to watch it in English in what we call the "Gringo Room" with all the other gringo missionaries. There were so many good talks and I am excited about the home Centered Church.
So today i woke up and washed my laundry in a bucket. It was quite the experience. I cant wait to see how it compares to a washing machine. Basically you just put the clothes in a bucket with water and detergent and much it around, let it sit for a while, then wash it out. They have real laundry machines here but they are expensive. Most people have the Ecuadorian version which is just a concrete slab with a hose. Im actually excited to use one of these after trying the Bucket. I will be getting a house with one of these concrete slabs in about a week.
Love you all!-Elder Hallsted


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