March 16, 2020


Coronel Suarez, Bahia Blanca


Elder Gamarra

Elder Ben: a different kind of week for all of us

Hello!This week was a little different, and this next week will be a lot different. We ́re not going to be talking to people in the street or knocking on doors, we ́re going home a bit earlier, we'll be buying food just in case we need to go into quarantine, we aren't travelling to Bahía Blanca for meetings with other missionaries, and we ́re washing our hands.A few days ago we were with a family of members, and we were showing them 17 Miracles (the movie). I felt impressed while we were there to promise a very big blessing, and I was even given the exact phrase, but I felt impressed to give it to a different member.A few days later, we were with her, and the impression came back. It heightened when she asked if people in the celestial kingdom could visit the other glories. I answered her, discerning her concern. I said that if she faithfully lived the gospel of Jesus Christ, <i class="">all</i> of her sons would accept the gospel. It was a bold promise, one that I hesitated to give because of its magnitude. We can´t always see where the path is or where it will go through, but there are certain promises that God gives that we can trust.This probably isn't the first thing on most people ́s minds right now, but a new Book of Mormon video was just released! I watched it, and it was sooo cool. We need to make sure that beyond just physical needs, we stock up on that which fills us spiritually. I don´t know just how much President Nelson was permitted to see of the troubles we´re now facing, but it's definitely true what he said: this will be a conference like no other, and if we prepare ourselves, it won´t just be memorable because of the circumstances, it will be unforgettable because of the change that we see in our lives.Be safe, and don't stop seeking happiness!Elder Sheffer-This is a video that my companion shared with me. (Watch at your own risk. :) The girls is saying “coronavirus”. It took me awhile to understand. —Karen) -Ben’s companion made him personalized agenda covers. They have a new agenda every transfer (every 6 weeks) and many like to personalize them.-Making what Ben called pancakes , for three different families this week. I think they look more like crepes or tortillas. He said they fill them with dulce de leche. Yum!-Ben got an email this week to begin the process of the end of his mission. He had to give information about what airport he will fly into, etc. Crazy!! (His companion wrote: My companion is leaving!!)


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