December 2, 2019


Cerrito, Villa Mitre, Bahía Blanca


Elder Callaghan

Elder Ben: Transfers again

This week I got to call home for Thanksgiving, and I was able to chat with my family in a way that monday calls don't always allow me to do. It was a lot of fun, and it made me feel Christmassy to see that it was snowing outside.This week we worked a lot with a member in our ward--she knows everybody. The first day we brought her with us, our appointment fell through, and as we were visiting a contact that we had met exactly once, she noted that she knew the family, that the mother was a member, and that she had gone with the mother to the temple. The next day, we went to a distinct person whom we had also seen only once, and they recognized her. Someone entered during the lesson, and she <i class="">also</i> recognized our member friend. At the end of the week, her family invited a friend that has been coming to church to eat lunch with them, and...yeah. When members get involved in missionary work, they can touch lives in ways that we cannot. It's a wonder to see.I´m getting transferred. Don´t know where I´m going, but I'm excited to find out. I´ve only been here two transfers (three months), so I didn´t get as much time as in my other areas. I wasn´t expecting to leave, but here we are. Hasta luego!Elder Sheffer


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