September 30, 2019


Cerrito, Villa Mitre, Bahía Blanca


Elder Watts

Elder Ben

This week was full of weird experiences. Elder Watts and I saw a fistfight in the street one day. We were walking by, and the guy in front of us suckerpunched the guy next to him, whose nose began to bleed. They really started going at it, and they almost barrelled into us. We got out of the way and along with a crowd of people we watched them fight. This was the first time in my life that I`ve seen anything like that. It looked brutal.We had another much better experience as well. The elders in Terrada (one of my prior areas) had a grease fire in the kitchen. Nobody got hurt, but there was some damage to the house, so we went to go help. After cleaning for threeish hours, I asked for permission to go look for someone. They gave twenty minutes. I ran over to a member`s house and asked (After talking to them for a bit.) where I could find Thiago, a ten year old boy that we taught and that got baptized when I was there. They sent us to the dad`s house, and the dad walked with us over to the grandpa`s house. It was a long chain, but to get to Thiago I would have walked all day. He opened the door, not realizing who it was, and was stunned flat. I got down on my knees and we hugged. It was one of the greatest moments in my mission. Seeing him after so much time, the love that I felt for him hadn`t diminished, and his love for me hadn`t either. The impacts that we make on other people`s lives really are lasting and powerful. His family is currently going through a rough time, and prayers would be appreciated.Talk to you soon!Elder Sheffer


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