September 2, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben--Labor Day

¡Hi! It was great to hear from everyone; these last couple weeks I´ve heard from lots of people that I haven´t heard from in a while. I just heard from my dad for the first time in six months! (No, not "that" dad. My mission trainer.) I took a while to email him, then he took a while to respond, and here we are! I was worried that we would lose each other. Having trained now, ( one more week) I understand a lot of what he went through with me. He´s happily serving as the president of the Elders' Quorum in his branch. This week we encountered a couple walking with a young child. They told us that they were divorced, and they both gae us their addresses. We went to the dad´s house and clapped at the wrong door, but then a kid told us where we could find him. We taught him about the restoration of the church. The next day, we went to the mom´s house, once again getting a little lost, but with the help of her neighbors, we found her and were able to listen to her and teach her about God´s eternal plan. In both lessons, they talked about how the other had been unfair. One said that the other was neglectful, the other said that the one was controlling. Seeing how much hurt there was in that family, I couldn´t help but feel their destitution. It looked like there was no way to get from where they were to anything resembling the love and unity I´ve known in my own family. Of course, that´s without considering the gospel. There is a way to take any family situation and to elevate it, and that is through living the gospel of Jesus Christ. Mind you, that doesn´t mean by being members of the church, that means having faith (which leads to hope and charity, all of which are critical), repenting (and forgiving), making covenants with God such as baptism and being sealed as an eternal family, having the gracing gift of the holy ghost and allowing it to fill our homes, and continuing. Never give up. Never ask if your family is really worth it. Serve them and love them as God does. I love you guys. Take care of yourselves. Elder Sheffer


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