August 26, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Good vs Excellent

President Hymas shared a quote in spanish, but here it is. "Yo sé que usted es una buena misionera, pero ahora llegó a hora de subir un grado aún más y ser una excelente misionera. Los buenos misioneros trabajan duro, caminan todo el día, hablan con todos, tocan puertas, son obedientes y al fin del día llegan cansados y con dolor en las piernas en casa. Los misioneros excelentes entienden una cosa simple, la obra requiere más de trabajar con las personas, es trabajar con la cabeza, ser creativo, valiente, audaz, feliz y buscan el espíritu en cada momento. Todo eso no es solamente para trabajar y cumplir con su propósito, pero también para trabajar y cumplir con su propósito eficazmente.”(Karen’s translation)"I know that you are a good missionary, but now is the time to take it up a notch and be an excellent missionary. The good missionaries work hard, walk all day, talk with everyone, knock on doors, are obedient and at the end of the day arrive home tired and with aching legs. Excellent missionaries understand one simple thing, the work requires more than working with people, it is working with the heart, being creative, brave, bold, happy and looking for the spirit in each moment. All of this is not only to be able to work and fulfill their purpose, but also to work and fulfill their purpose effectively."There is nothing harder than being a good missionary, but there is nothing better than being an excellent missionary. When we settle for ho-hum, we´re depriving ourselves of the power of that spark that can be described by the words jubilant, resilient, and hopeful. No matter where we are in life, a change in perspective can turn a stumbling block into a stair. This life is our story, and we can´t let anything deter us from being prepared to meet God. I feel God´s love and support, and every day, whether I look back upon flowers or thorns, God is waiting for me in prayer, and I can be happy knowing that tomorrow´s another day.Have a great day, and don´t forget to feel hope!
Elder Sheffer
Photos: Ben got to learn how to debone a chicken and fill and roll it. They then ate it at a church lunch after meetings yesterday. I guess they did a good job cuz he didn’t say he was sick today. :)


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