August 5, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben

That trip looks really fun. I love that waterfall, and it does look pretty cool riding a jetski. Dad's email was pretty crazy--looking back, I think that Dad has bourn (spelling?) most of the crazy trauma that we´ve had. We had just finished a pizza buffet when I read sounds crazy. [We just got back yesterday from a family reunion at a reservoir in Idaho. On the drive back Kyle helped out at a head on collision that happened 3 minutes before we arrived. He saw some pretty nasty stuff and the memories are still pretty strong.] Here in argentina, it´s all piola [awesome, I believe]. We have a friend who´s been trying to get baptized for years, but she needs to get married to the person she´s living with first. They´ve finally got the paperwork in order, and they´re getting married in two weeks! Oscar just got the priesthood. This sunday, I got up and bore my testimony about how my mission has changed my life. The key point was the spirit. Perhaps days go by when I don´t feel it much, and those days I just want to end. The days when the spirit works through us are the best days--I never want them to end! I recommend the bible video I am the Bread of Life, link included below by my mother (wink wink). He is the only bread that truly feeds us. Without His light, we are nothing. With it, we can do everything. I love you guys, Talk to you later!Elder ShefferLink to the video Ben recommended to us all to watch:<a href="" class=""></a>


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