August 4, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben: Week 54ish

This is Karen. I was on vacation last week and just got home today so I am sending out Ben’s letter today to re confusion, since I will send out another one tomorrow. --------------------------This week was crazy. We had two conferences with Elder Villar of the Area Presidency, and for the first time since the New Year, I went back to Mar del Plata. I found the elders from Colinas and called José, the man who I baptized in October. He's still active, and he was very excited to hear from me again. With time, we´re better able to see as missionaries the impact that we´ve had on people. To reference the Parable of the Sower, it was cool to see that his was fertile soil! I also saw a ton of missionaries that I haven't seen in ages, including Elder Leiva and Elder Davis.Oscar got baptized on Saturday! Elder Bradshaw tried making funnel cakes for the baptism, but they didn't work well so we just bought food instead. His mom, sister, and niece came, and though I´m still trying to do everything possible to help his testimony grow, we´re increasingly seeing his faith. I had the honor of confirming him. Now our goal is for him and his family to enter the temple!Writing an email just now, I thought of something cool enough that I want to share. Everything is beautiful when seen in detail and comprehended. I love to watch a game of chess because I understand it, whereas a computer designer would see much more beauty in a motherboard than I can. This applies to people as well--the more we get to know someone, the more we understand the motives behind their actions. We love people when we comprehend them. Knowing that, is there any doubt that God loves us? Every breath of ours is beautiful to the creator of our souls. Remember that--the worth of your soul is great in the sight of God. There are no exceptions, because denying that God loves you means denying that He knows you, and He does.Have a great week!Elder ShefferPhotos:Oscar’s baptism and Ben reuniting with Elder Leiva.


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