July 8, 2019


Quequen, Necochea


Elder Bradshaw

Elder Ben: week of 20 contacts

Week - 20 contactsThis week, our mission began with a new mindset. We're starting to think in terms of the mission's goals and not just the goals that we have as a companionship. I love this. One of the other goals we set as a mission is to talk to twenty people every day, which with the biting cold setting in seemed a little lofty. In the end, this week Elder Bradshaw and I only reached that goal one day, but the whole week we were working with urgency and seeing progress in our area. Tuesday, the day of the solar eclipse (which we only saw at about 30% before the hail) and the meeting where we began with these goals, we left our house in the afternoon, looked to the west (yes, the sun still sets in the west in the southern hemisphere), and started to talk to people. We were soon pelted back by a hailstorm which came out of nowhere, but ain't nobody gonna stop us from leaving the house! In the end, we talked to nine people that afternoon, and almost all of them were positive interactions. I was also guided specifically to someone's house by the spirit, which was pretty cool. In the mission, my testimony of the holy ghost has grown so much. I hope I can learn to feel it well enough that it sticks with me after my mission. My companion has told me a little about college, and it sounds like a crazy place.Super piola (very cool) P-dayYesterday, my son, Elder Bradshaw completed 2 months! To celebrate, we ate alfajores, then today we went downtown and bought some "much needed supplies", including futbol jerseys, magic decks, and ice cream. (I'm also counting it as my 1-año (year) splurge, because the cards were very, very expensive.) The ice-cream is tasty, but my defeat at Elder Bradshaw's hands was bitter...I'll get him next week.We discovered a message from the Church of Jesus Christ (formally called a Mormon message) that I thought was pretty cool. It's called Life’s Drama (click to watch), and it provides spiritual and literary stimulation, which are my two favorite kinds. I recommend it.I hope you all have a great week! ¡Cuidense! (Take care!)Elder ShefferAnd here is a photo of the midday meal they ate yesterday. Ben thought it photo worthy. :) It’s a “baked leg of pig”.


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