April 1, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Leiva

Elder Ben: April Showers

Note from Karen: if you want to email Ben, the new email address is: <a href="" class=""></a> and if you want to go back to see old letters or photos or see the countdown calendar, the website is: <a href="" class=""></a>-----------------------------So I got called as assistant to the president..............................nah. April Fools. So about transfers, I'm staying here as you already know, and my luck for getting not only a great companion but a divinely inspired one has continued. My companion is Elder Marinho, a brazileño with just over a year in the mission. It's been great serving with him so far. He actually already knows some members in the ward, and it's great to see them light up when they see him. I also received good news from Colinas in Mar del Plata. They've had two baptisms since I left, and another's on the way. It's great to hear that the people with which I've worked are accepting the gospel!The sacrament has been a growing theme in my mission as I've seen its power. I really do feel its power and importance now, and one of my questions was answered this week regarding the ordinance. What is the difference between the bread and water prayers? In the blessing over the bread, we witness that we're willing to take Jesus Christ's name upon us, always remember him, and keep his commandments; in the blessing over the water, we witness that we do always remember him...did you catch the difference? We witness to our willingness to represent Jesus Christ and keep his commandments, and God knows that try as we might, we aren't perfectly obedient, but we <i class="">can</i> always remember him. Be willing to obey with exactness, and beyond that, covenant that you <i class="">will</i> always remember him. By attending church every week and partaking of the sacrament, you're fulfilling a part of your covenant because every week, you are remembering and honoring the savior.Dad, I love you. This week, I shared with somebody who had recently been in a crazy car accident about the time years ago when you had your accident. I cried more than I have in a long time. Whatever happens, we are an eternal family.Elder Sheffer


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