March 19, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Leiva

Elder Ben: Week 700

FYI we got to talk to Ben for awhile today. Turns out his phone call time is now in addition to his email time, so we will still be able to get emails every week. He told us that that one time he “lost” his keys they were in Elder Leiva’s bag. But Ben thinks he might have lost them again today. I suggested they may want two sets of keys. ;) Also, his email address has updated. The old one is supposed to forward on to him, but I don’t know for how long. To email him use:<a href="" class=""></a>And here is the link for the archive of his letters and photos. Just in case you missed any and have the desire to read any again. :)<a href="" class=""></a>-Karen-------------------------------------A quote a sister missionary shared with me and my companion: (translated) Time moves fast for those who work and time moves slow for those who don't, but for those who love the Lord, time doesn't exist. I like to think of that when I'm worrying about the end of a friendship, the end of a mission, the end of my life...there's no end to eternity. We just have to keep going and carry with us what we can: treasures of knowledge, family, friends, and experiences that teach and define us. Some of my defining experiences (some maybe not <i class="">life </i>defining:At times I've had trouble working with my companion Elder Leiva, and one thing I've found that I can do to strengthen our relationship is love what he loves. To this end (and because it's fun) I've started collecting stickers of football players. We open and trade packs, trying to fill our albums. I haven't found Messi yet, but I'm looking.A family of members gave me a typewriter. I own a typewriter. I am happy.I met someone who spoke really good English, and it was the first time I've been able to perform missionary work here in English. It was pretty cool.A german shepherd tried to jump onto my companion, then came after me. In order to stop it, I put my foot up, and it ran into my foot. I technically kicked a dog. We named the german shepherd Uchtdorf.Thiago, the kid who got baptized a while back, has progressed a ton. His mom (who wasn't active) is now friends with everyone in the ward. An hermana helped them find a house, and their family is so much happier than when we started teaching them. Even Thiago's little brother is growing. He's saying prayers, and we gave him a book with some stories from the Book of Mormon.We had a torrential rainfall here a few days ago, and the streets became rivers. It was a pretty intimidating sight. We had no lessons to teach, so we did what we were asked to do: invite people to come unto Christ. We got wet, got rejected, kept getting wet, and finally were headed towards the house to change and go to a family home evening. We saw someone walking in the street, and my companion suggested that I try to talk to him. I wasn't sure if this would lead to anything, but we walked faster to catch up to him and started to talk. He told us that he had wanted to get baptized when he was a youth, but his parents didn't let him. We're going to try to teach him. If we hadn't been willing to work even when the rain came down and the floods went up, we wouldn't have accomplished the missions that God gave us to complete that day.Super excited for General Conference! Also, congratulations Joseph--Canada is going to be awesome.Talk to you soon!Elder Sheffer


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