March 13, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Leiva

Eight months!!!

This week I will have completed eight months, or about a third of my mission. It sneaks up on me sometimes, the way time moves when you can´t see it. I´ve been learning and thinking a lot about the Atonement, and how as much as Jesus Christ brought hope and joy to us all, His life wasn´t always joyful. In His last days as a mortal being, He saw one of His apostles become a son of perdition, experienced every pain, affliction, heartache, regret and everything else we suffer, and then was killed in a treacherous plot which, though it fulfilled prophecy, must have been a terrible sight for He who spent His life teaching and inviting. Sadness doesn't always come from our mistakes, and if we keep up with the basics, we don´t ever have to lose that steady peace that the spirit plants in us with his boundless patience and love. It starts with prayer and grows as we study the scriptures and go to church.

If you are willing, please pray for Luis. What I´ve learned about prayer is that when we ask for something, we don´t do it so that He knows our needs, rather we ask so that when the blessing comes, we know Who to thank and glorify.

I love you guys! See you soon!

Elder Sheffer


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