February 25, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Leiva

Elder Ben: 2/25/19

Ben tried to do a video chat today but it didn’t work out. So he asked us for a couple questions to answer by email. We asked: “What do you do on your preparation day (p-day); tell us about some appointments you had this week; and are you keeping up with your piano skills?” These are his answers. He also said: “Hey Dad. I love you. Take care and don’t get sick. That’s an order!” Kyle had another medical problem this last week. We look forward to a week where we can report Kyle was perfectly healthy!


On P-days, we often go to play futbol (soccer), but I´ll tell you about today. There´s a member with a massage bed, with some weird rocks or knobs or stuff. I slept on that until the power went out, then we played Trucho (I beat my companion twice!! Hehe) I went to buy a fifteen peso pen for my agenda and walked out with two de 15 pesos ($0.38) and the other of a little more than seven hundred ($18). It´s my big splurge for the transfer. I also bought a tiny chess set, but we didn´t have much time to play because my companion wanted a massage. We had empanadas from this guy named José who lives about a block from us. We´re preparing Tiara for baptism, and if all goes well it´s happening Saturday!

I don't play a ton of piano these days. The other day I tried to play as part of a family home evening, and I sort of forgot half of a song. I keep up with maybe three or four songs, but beyond those ones, not much.

Chao, see you later!

Elder Sheffer


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