January 14, 2019


Terrada, Bahía Blanca


Elder Leiva

Elder Ben: week of 1/14/19

This week I've begun to delve into Santos, (Saints, a book about the history of our church you can find here: and it´s pretty cool. I'm hoping I finish before the end of my mission, but I'm stopping to write the words that I don't know for language study, so I might not. We've been giving a lot of effort here, so I'm a little fried. Elder Leiva and I are getting along in spite of my kinks. Today I forgot money, so he helped me buy some cables and an adapter so I can try sending something. Thing is, the USB port on my computer doesn't work, so we'll see if Elder Leiva's computer downloads fast enough to send something to you guys. Dad, stop getting sick. This week we taught a nine year old kid named Thiago, and he's the second kid I've taught that just shines with the spirit. That scripture about babes speaking revelation isn't a joke. Pray for Thiago and his family!Looks like no pictures. This week, I went to the reunion of an MTC district from 25 years ago. It was crazy how they stayed in touch all those years! They formed a chat-group, and a couple of them even reactivated in the church through this group. It was really cool to see how long these connections can last.I love you guys!Elder Sheffer


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