October 29, 2018


Colinas, Mar del Plata


Elder Castillo

Happy Halloween!

I love hearing about everything going on at home! Actually, I have about forty minutes, because we also are supposed to send an email to the president during this time. I've felt the same thing that you've been describing with my read-through of the Book of Mormon. Now, reading it in earnest, new ideas are sticking out and I can cite scriptures from my reading in lessons. Of course, if I don't keep this up I won't keep that knowledge, so I'll keep reading! I don't have any audio files yet, but I have a picture from the baptism and a minute-long video of my extremely talented companion. (Sorry, not sending. You'll see it sooner or later.) I also have the end of the poem:


Un barco sale, esperándome,
un sed sin fin por agua, sal o mar
Y cuando pienso extrañar a ti,
la bruma llama: descubrir. Buscar.

¡Regresaré! Momentos pasarán.
No obstante, no me secaré.
Mis velas estarán pesado bien
con viento de los cielos enormes.

¿Cómo se sentiría caminar
con césped abajo, acunandome?
¡Mi hogar dulce quiero olvidar,
volver, o morir si dolor dejaré!

¡Cuan raro es--en puerto esperar
el mundo, la tierra encontrar!

Lastly, you asked about a wishlist. I don't really need anything other than a testimony, but if you want to send something in a box, here are some ideas:

Handwritten letters from home. This isn't limited to immediate family, I'd love to hear from anyone who has something to say.
Something I can always have with me. (Something like a keychain?)
A framed photo of the fam.
Food from home. Ideas include cheezits and green chile.
Anything else you'd like to send me. Again, I don't really need anything.

In the background of the picture of Sis Anderson is the ward halloween activity...that part made me a little homesick.

The baptism was great by the way! I forgot a towel and a dry shirt to change into, but there were pastries afterwards, so things shaped up pretty well! I'm having a great time down here. I love you guys!
Elder Sheffer

Port (translated into english by Karen)

A boat leaves, waiting for me,
an endless thirst for water, salt or sea
And when I think I miss you,
the mist calls: discover. Search.

I'll be back! Moments will pass.
However, I will not dry up.
My sails will be quite heavy
with wind from the enormous skies.

How would it feel to walk
with grass below, cradling me?
My sweet home I want to forget,
return, or die if I will leave pain!

How rare is it - in port to await
the world, the earth find!


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