October 8, 2018


Colinas, Mar del Plata


Elder Castillo

Conference time!

Yay! Conference was awesome. A few details from me: I got the results for the next transfer. I'm already halfway through my training and an eighth of the way done, which does not sound accurate. Dora went to the Saturday Morning conference. She might have slept through some of it, and I'm a little worried that she won't want to keep meeting with us, but we'll keep trying! We also met Josè, and in the first lesson he agreed to be baptized! We testified to him with power and authority, and I think he felt the spirit. Oh yeah, right, so I'll be spending the next six weeks in...Colinas! Yep, same ward, same city, same streets. It's kind of a relief, but it's also scary to think about how much trust is being put in me.

General Conference was awesome. (For those of you who don't know, General Conference is the semiannual opportunity for members of the church all over the world to hear the words of a living prophet and his apostles. It was this weekend.) I watched about half in Spanish and half in English, and while I understood the Spanish pretty well, I got more out of the talks in English. It felt like everyone was talking about the Doctrine of Christ--the path of faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end--which for me has only recently become important. I hadn't really considered the Doctrine of Christ a core doctrine of the church, it was just the fourth article of faith. Here, however, I've seen it all over our lessons. There was also a wonderful article about the connection the sacrament has to the Doctrine of Christ--it allows us to renew our baptismal covenants each week. It also brings us together in our wards, which strengthen us through ministering and doctrinal renewal. My biggest learning experience in conference was a reminder of how central a role Jesus Christ plays in our lives, and how he strengthens us and allows us to grow through His atonement and His church. There were also some wonderful messages reminding us that our job isn't to mechanically endure life without sinning, we're here to develop our individual selves. This involves magnifying our understanding, purifying and strengthening our minds, and developing our individual talents and abilities. God loves us equally, but His love for each person isn't interchangeable. Being creative shows God that we appreciate what He's done for us.

Elder Sheffer

There's the group email. I also want to talk to my family. Sup.

First off, what "watch luck" are you cursing me with? I've never been good with watches!

I felt very close to you guys during conference. At the same time, we were sitting there, watching and learning, sometimes in the same language. It was awesome, though I was waiting for the prophet to open China for missionaries. I've begun an advent calendar with the peanut butter you sent me with: One for each Conference, my birthdays, and the fourth of July. I'll use the nutella and biscoff at Christmas. I noticed that there were no cries of joy in the conference hall when the Guam temple was announced, but I know that there was one in our living room! Mendoza was also pretty cool, though Buenos Aires is still the closest. I'll wirk on a Bahìa Blanca temple. Pray. When you're nervous, say a prayer, believing that God can hear you, and you will receive comfort. Johnny, feel free to try it during chess games and tennis matches. Happy birthday vacation thing, Dad! I love you guys!

Elder Sheffer

Oh, music. Could you send me some classical music and whatever they sang right before the prophet spoke? That song gave me chills.


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