October 1, 2018


Colinas, Mar del Plata


Elder Castillo


Hello again, family, friends, teachers, and... I think that's everybody. One thing I've discovered in the southern hemisphere is that the best days aren't the easiest, they're the hardest. I could be having an absolutely terrible day, but if I keep going, God almost always rewards me. I often need to remind myself that our work is 97% rejection and disappointment and 3% miracles, but those three hundredths always outweigh the 97%. Always. The people we're teaching are doing well. Dora, of whom I think I've spoken before, came to church a second time, and I think we're going to invite her to be baptized soon. If you want to help, I would ask that you pray for her.

Long emails are hard. I think I only haveten minutes left, so for pictures' sake I'll hurry up. My companion and I are working through some less-than-common ground right now, but we both mean well and want to improve. We've played futbol with our zone twice this week (two seperate P-days.) I'm not very good, but it's fun. I'm excited for conference, even if we're watching in spanish! Oh yeah, and every once in a while when I have a moment I work on a language I'm creating. Fun stuff. The pictures aren't loading...I'll find a way to get them to you soon.

Elder Sheffer.

Sidenote that I'm not sure needs to be widely distributed:
I noticed the other day horizons have broadened. I'm one beltloop higher. We'll see what happens.


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