August 16, 2018


Mexico Missionary Training Center


Elder Clarke

Week 5

It's crazy thinking about home. Has school actually started already?! Courtney needs to tell me about the Masters Program, and I want to hear about Johnny's first week in kindergarten. (That is the right grade, right?) I got the pictures you sent, and they were awesome! I think my favorite might be the one where Johnny and I are staring off into the distance.

This week zoomed by. It's very weird to think that I'm almost out of the MTC and into Argentina. I've had some mood swings--when you work 24 hours, it's stressfully awesome.

We have a pet dinosaur named Zeezrom. It is one of those toys you put in water and it grows. Last week we put Zeezrom in a water jug in our room. So Elder Reed in our district is his godfather, and last night we decided Zeezrom had reached his full size, so it was time to drain the tank. We poured it on Elder Reed, and it was one of the weirdest things that's happened since we got here.

No he preparado mucho--el siguente semana puedo dar mas. Yo estoy aprendiendo, y estamos mucho mejor. Voy a hablar sobre Santiago, uno de nuestros investigadores falsos. Conocimos Santiago dos o tres semanas antes de hoy, y en nuestros lecciones, tenemos el Espiritu porque él es preparado para lecciones. Él es derramo guardar sus compromisos, y ayer, ¡él decidió ser bautizado! Necesitamos enseñar mas, pero él es en el camino de felicidad. Es importante a recordar que el plan es de felicidad y salvación, no solo sobre juzgando. (Lo siento, estoy seguro que mi Español es muy mal, pero espero que le gusta escuchando de mi.)

TRANSLATION (by Karen—I had asked him to share his testimony in spanish and some spiritual experiences):
“I haven’t prepared much—next week I can do more. I am learning, and we are much better. I am going to talk about Santiago, one of our fake investigators. We met Santiago two or three weeks before today, and in our lessons, we have the spirit because he is prepared for the lessons. He is trying (?) to keep his promises, and yesterday, he decided to be baptized! We need to teach more, but he is in the path of happiness. It is important to remember that the plan is of happiness and salvation, not just about judging. (I am sorry, I am sure that my Spanish is very bad, but I hope that you like hearing me.)” [Note from Karen: there was only one phrase he used that I didn’t understand. His Spanish is leaps and bounds better than what it was and is pretty close to grammatically correct!]

We´ve played some Mafia in our casa with 4A and 4B. First round, I wanted to set the tone, so I wore that heavy black coat and my reflective shades. People started calling me mystery man, and it got better once the game started. I didn´t speak at all, but because of the persona built around me, people listened. When I pointed an accusing finger, other people changed their votes. Of course, I was also responsible for accidentally killing the was fun though.

I don´t know if there is anything I need to ask for. We have a tienda here and are given one hundred pesos a week, so junk food supply isn´t an issue. I have appreciated the cookies and doughnuts. Mostly, I just want to hear about what´s going on back home. Actually, if you really wanted to send me a package, a box of cereal would be pretty nice—Reeses puffs, lucky charms, whatever. Thing is, the comedor is just getting a little old.

Love you guys!

Elder Sheffer


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