January 7, 2019


Rivadavia, Argentina


Elder Peterson

Um Ano Novo (New Year, New Me)

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Date: Mon, Jan 7, 2019 at 9:04 AM
Subject: Um Ano Novo (New Year, New Me)

New Years was awesome people, 2019 is gonna be dope. Me and my comp had a ball of a time on New Year´s Eve. We ate an asado with a bunch of members and we made them a strawberry pie, thanks for the recipe momma! They loved it, and now I think we´re going to do an activity in the ward with the sisters to teach them how to make pie hahaha. Then we went home and we were laying in bed talking when we heard this super loud noise from other room, like all of our plates fell off the counter. We go to see what happened and the neighbors dog is halfway through the bars on our window, and crawling inside, and then she leaped inside. Big pit bull, super nice, but very scared becouse of the fireworks! She was freaking out, so she wouldnt stay still or leave us alone unless one of us was petting her until 3 am...that was awful the next day haha but lucky for us it was p day. My comp and I are finding people left and right and we´re working so dang hard, this week we should be baptizing this cutte old lady in a wheel chair named magdalena, shes awesome. She started calling us her grandsons :) SO HAPPY TO BE WORKING SO HARD, I love Elder Peterson, my comp, from Michigan, super nice and great worker. 
Love you lovely people!!Elder Affleck

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