December 24, 2018


Rivadavia, Argentina


Elder Perez

Noite Das Luzes (Silent Night) cap cred-E Fenn

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From: Benjamin Layton Affleck <>
Date: Mon, Dec 24, 2018 at 8:52 AM
Subject: Noite Das Luzes (Silent Night) cap cred-E Fenn

This week has been pretty fantastic.  We found this capo named Alfredo that used to go to church and then he moved and lost contact with the elders, so we found him last week and if everything goes well he should be getting baptized soon-- so pray for Alfredo!! We also found this awesome family of 6 that all want to get baptized, but they weren´t able to go to church on Sunday.  It was pretty rough getting people to church the day before Christmas, but in the end we had 7 people in church-- which wasn't too shabby! Then the other day, we were on divisions in my area, and my temporary companion Elder Aldridge and I had the distinct impression to clap all the houses on the street that had Christmas lights. So we contacted one, two, eight houses with Christmas lights and got immediately rejected by all of them. So there was only one house left on the street with lights (they're very rare here in Argentina-- this was a street with a LOT of Christmas lovers). So we clapped the last house and we were just like "we love you Christmas lights," and we had this awesome conversation with an entire family that doesn't even believe in God. We taught how they can grow their faith in God, by getting closer to Him. Then they invited us in and we had a whole lesson with this awesome family!!
Then in a choir activity I saw Johnny!! Johnny's a guy that I met in Lobos a year and a half ago.  He worked in Lobos but he lived in Marilo, so he got baptized there but he was a great friend of Elder Atwood's and mine, so it was a great time catching up a year and a half with him.  He's super awesome!!
Have a Merry Christmas y'all, I hope you can all enjoy it with your families.  I'll be talking to my dope family tomorrow and I'm super excited!!! I have no idea what to talk about (haha), so I hope they have questions or something idk ;)
Love you all!!Elder Affleck
1 That's Johnny


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