November 5, 2018


Rivadavia, Argentina


Elder Perez

Capilla Abierta Locura (Open House Craziness)

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Date: Mon, Nov 5, 2018 at 8:31 AM
Subject: Capilla Abierta Locura (Open House Craziness)

This week was pretty tranquilo, there weren´t many crazy things that happened except this CRAZY OPEN HOUSE we had!! We left the chapel open with the ward members there for everyone to come visit, and in one day me and my companion talk to almost 400 people, we found more than 25 new investigators, and we placed 10 baptismal was awesome. The zone leaders thought we had made typos when we sent in our daily results. And I was like hehe nope, its real... 😎 Lets go Jesus for guiding the right people to the church and blessings there hearts. In the words of the the little brother of my old companion Elder Priebe ¨Jesus is so cool¨.........Inspired.
Other fun thing that happened this week, In church after sacrament, this guys got up and did an unexpected musical number--he walked up to the stand and started singing acapella, one verse, two verses, three verses, four whole verses. And everyone was so confused with what was happening, the look on the bishops face was priceless and me and my companion were having such a hard time keeping from busting out laughing. It was awesome! Then that same guy, super cool member tht doesnt care what anyone thinks, told me I was like a brother to him, and that I was a cool gringo hahah then he said if I lived here in Rivadavia that I would have a key to his house hahahahah Marcos Castro people---A LEGEND.
Love you all, hope you get a good laugh from this baby, Elder Affleck 
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