October 29, 2018


Rivadavia, Argentina


Elder Perez

Guillermo`s a stud!!

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We forgot to take pictures before his we took them after!!
Guillermo (William) is such a stud, he had to work on saturday so he couldnt make it to his baptism, but he didnt want to wait another week to get baptized so he asked if we could do it on sunday instead. This guys so cool, I cant imagine coming to know the gospel at 23 but he was so prepared by God that he was able to embrace and love it and be baptized in a matter of weeks. Now he`s set on baptizing the rest of his family and his friends. Next step, preisthood!! :)

Hey Famjam and all you other
lovely people!  How are you all doing?  


I just wanted to give you
guys an update on all of the things that have been happening.  It has been
quite a while since I've written a good letter home.  I'm sorry I don't
send a lot of pictures, because I don't have anything to take pictures.  I
was robbed and they took my camera.  I do have my recorder, but it's being
dumb.  The batteries have gone out and I have to plug it into the wall
with three or four adapters just to get it to work.


This week was actually pretty
fun.  I'll also pull a couple of updates from other weeks as well. 
Backtracking, the furthest back thing we did was go to the Lujan Zoo here in
Argentina.  It is kind of interesting and a long trip.  We had to go
for a mission choir and they asked me to be in it.  We traveled to this
place called General Rodriguez and Lujan Zoo is right next door, so we went
there for P-day.  The zoos here in Argentina are kind of interesting,
they're not like the zoos in the United States where you just walk around and
look at the animals and it's really cool.  Here, instead of that, they
drug the animals up a ton and you get to go inside the cages and touch
them.  It's pretty much like an everything petting zoo!  We got to
touch the tigers, a lion, baby tigers, an elephant--just stuff like that. 
It was super cool!  We got to touch everything there!  They were
really drugged up and nearly asleep.  I got to feed a lion or a
tiger.  I don't remember.  It was either a lion or a tiger that I fed
some milk to.  Yeah, it was a tiger.  He licked my hand and I haven't
washed it since!  (Just kidding)  I got to go with one of my old
companions, Elder Priebe, and it was just a fun time. The kid's about to end
his mission here in about a month.  That is weird!


That Sunday, we got to talk
to our families, since it was Argentine Mother's Day.   We got to
call here in October and that was really fun!  My family's weird (just
kidding!).  It was really nice to get to talk to family.  I told my
family this story that this last P-day after we went to the zoo I had to get a
haircut.  My hair was pretty long--well, it wasn't that long, but I just
wanted to get a haircut.  So we went and my normal barber that we always
go to (he cuts hair really good), he got robbed by some punks in the
neighborhood and they beat him up, so he can't cut hair for like the next two
weeks or so.  He's healing.  We were like "okay, it's all
good."  We decided our next-door neighbor, who cuts hair, could do
it.  She always invites us to go to her shop, so we gave her a try. 
I was the first to get my haircut.  She cuts the sides and everything's
going great and then she starts shearing off the sides on the top.  I was
like "what is she doing?"  She basically gave me a crew-cut with
the sides totally shaved!  I look like a carrot head with a lot on the top
and nothing on the sides.  It looked terrible!  It was awful! 
It didn't even look good.  It was just awful...  


Low and behold the day after
the phone call home, (I even wore a hat with my family, because I was so
embarrassed about my hair.  I figured they would get distracted by it. It
was bad.) I went to zone conference.  Guess what they were talking about?
They were like chewing everybody out for their hair.  They pulled this one
elder up to the front and they said "Brigham Young got ridiculed in front
of everybody and he took it well.  We're going to hope you take it well
Elder Taylor."  Then they started chewing everybody out for their
haircuts, because four or five elders have their hair cut really short on the
sides.  Then the president's wife started naming off all of the Elders who
have their hair too short on the sides.  She's like "Elder Taylor,
Elder Holmes, Elder Colum, Elder Affleck" and I'm like "no, it's not
my fault.  The neighbor, barber lady, cut me bad.  It's not my
fault."  It was funny!  We thought it was funny!  


This last P-day we went with
our whole district to this place called West Plaza and it's pretty much like a
shopping mall.  There's nothing else like that here.  It's super nice
and one of a kind.  We bought candy and lunch and that was it, but it was
really fun!  We were just walking around a mall.  Weird.


This last Friday, I got
sick.  You could probably tell from my voice a little bit, but I couldn't
talk at all. Uhmmm, it was really bad.  The missionaries told me to stay
in the house and we did divisions, since we had a bunch of appointments that
day, and I stayed in the pench (apartment) with another friend of mine, Elder
Andreve.  He is also about to finish his mission.  That is
weird.  It was no good, but fun.  


This week we had a
competition in our zone to see who could have the most lessons with
members.  They are lessons with investigators, but we take a member with
us.  The zone leaders said they were going to give a gallon of ice cream
to the area that had the most lessons with members.  We got the record on
one of the first two days and then we kept getting that same number and nobody
else got as many.  (Kind of surprised me.)  I was telling the sisters
in our district that they had to beat our record and so they said they would
try their best.  They worked really hard one day and they tied our number
and so the zone leaders decided to give us a gallon of ice cream for our
district.  That was cool.  Our district won the ice cream and we were
pretty pumped by that.  We found some good people, too.  


Lastly, (I've talked a long
time) we had a baptism this past Saturday, with a really, really cool
guy.  His name is Guillermo--William in English--and he's just so
capo.  The kid is just super cool!  He's going to be an awesome
member!  He's just so awesome.  He couldn't come on Saturday, when we
had his baptism scheduled, so we did it all on Sunday.  He was so
excited!  He wanted to be baptized so badly.  He has been reading so
much in the Book of Mormon.  I think they're going to put him in as a
teacher in Gospel Principles.  He is so capo!  


I love you guys!  Sorry
for not sending anything for a long time.  I'm really bad about it. 
It's kind of hard when this thing I'm using right now doesn't work and I don't have
a camera.  We're going to try to find a solution to these problems
soon.  I love all you people.  Stay fresh!  You all are
sweet.  I'm going to let you go.  Have a fun day and go play with
your family and get work done. 


 I love you all! 
Ciao! Ciao!

Elder Affleck



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