September 10, 2018


Rivadavia, Argentina


Elder Linkogle

So, I officially have a mission stalker....

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From: Benjamin Layton Affleck <>
Date: Mon, Sep 10, 2018 at 9:19 AM
Subject: So, I officially have a mission stalker....

Well funny thing, there's this member lady, really nice lady, that I met when I was in Los Pinos (6 months ago) and I went to Moron 2 and she started coming there, I thought it was a coincidence that she and I moved at the same time like wow that's interesting. But now shes coming to Rivadavia...and she's telling the sisters in the ward that I'm skinnier than I used to be, and asking if she can borrow a kitchen to cook for me. Then she started showing me photos she found of me online, and she gave me cologne as a gift.....
So I now have a mission stalker hahahaha! all the members are making fun of me for it now! lol we'll see what happens though.
Had some funny stories-- I saw a recent convert on the bus the other day selling, he went for a hug and when I let go of the rail I nearly fell and elbowed this poor guy sitting down (in the face)......I was so embarrassed but the guy was really nice about it. 
My mom is awesome, and trunky, (haha) but according to her I've been on the mission for 430 days, 19 hours, and 38 minutes....but who's counting, right? Not her 😜 
1 Getting pizza with my companion.
2 Our neighbor has a pit bull, she loves us sooo much, but I think she wants to eat our trash more than anything.
3 WEST has the BEST people, that's just how it is!
Ciao gente!! Elder Affleck
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