August 6, 2018


Moron, Argentina


Elder Quintero

Photos of the week, peep these pics!

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Subject: Photos of the week, peep these pics!

Shoutout to Elder Burk for sending a pic of the pipes! Haha right now I dont have a camera so this is the best I have! Btw I hit 13 months today, woohoo its flying by way  tooo fast!!

6 August 2018


Hello People!

So this week was pretty chill.  I'm in the cyber right now recording, so there might be a little bit of music in the background right now--sorry about that. So this week was pretty fun.  After we wrote last week on the computer, we found this place that sells pizza for a dollar!  Here, it's like 30 pesos, in the states it's about a dollar.  It's actually, pretty darn good!  We're pretty excited and we're going there today also.  

The next day we went to Zone Conference.  They had asked me in advance to play the bagpipes there.  I was asked to play a prelude, so I prepared to play and it was very, very reverent as they were getting ready to start.  It was nice and calm ready for zone conference to start and then I started playing and everyone started yelling.  It was super loud and I was like "oh no!"  It was fun, but not very reverent.  It was a great Zone Conference and we got to eat at Carmen's (?), which is a super nice restaurant that we usually eat at afterwards.  It's super nice and fantastic!  I also go to talk to Elder Burk, which I haven't gotten to do in like a year.  We see each other every now and then, but we can only talk for like thirty seconds or a minute.  We got a long time to talk this time and it was fun!  

We found a lady in a wheelchair the next day.  She is really cool and her name is Mary.  We're going to end up baptizing her for sure!  

Also, the coolest investigators ever--Ingrid and Ariel, gave us avocados last time we went to teach them.  Oh my goodness!  We ate it on Thursday and it was soooo good!  It has been so long since I've had one.  We ate them on Friday, too.  

My companion speaks a little bit of English, so we'll see if he wants to say "hi" to the family.  He said "hello. How are you? Como estas?"  Ben says "He's a clown.  He actually knows English really well."

Ariel, our investigator that gave us avocados, had to leave for a month for work.  We're sad about that, but his wife is still here and they're both really capo.  We talked about it with President and his idea was to start teaching him on Skype.  We will take members to the house to teach her and her sons and have him on the cell phone on Skype.  They're so cool! They're reading a ton in the Book of Mormon--they're so capo!  They're both going to get baptized so fast!  I hope I'm still here, so that I can see that one when they get baptized.  They love the members--they already know half the ward.

The other day we went to the church, because we were going to meet a member there so that we could see some of our investigators.  We opened the church (we just whitewashed this area.)  All of the churches in Argentina have an alarm system, because if you don't a lot of teenagers will try and rob the church.  We went into the church and used the bathroom fast before the member arrived to meet us.  Then the alarm went off.  We just got here and we didn't know how to disarm the alarm to the church. We called the bishop and he didn't answer, then we called bishop's wife and she answered "Elders how are you doing?  Is there anything I can do for you?"  We asked her if she knew the code to the church.  We told her we just opened up the church and the alarm went off.  She said "Elders, you need to turn it off now or the police will come and arrest you!"  We said, yes, okay, but we need the code.  So, she gave us the code and we put it in and everything worked out.  We kind of left, but it was fun!  

My companion is from Colombia.  He didn't get his patriarchal blessing when he was home, so we got to do that this week.  It was great!  The patriarch is a little inappropriate, but he's a funny guy.  He makes some jokes that are not quite right.  Yea.  My companion got his blessing and he asked me to be in there with him.  It was interesting.

Everything is just fun.  I feel like I have no vocabulary anymore--everything is capo or fun.  Sorry.

Anyway, I'm going to let you guys go, so that you can have a fun week and not have to listen to this anymore.  Take care of yourselves, people.  Yeah, we're going to have a good week here.  We're going to give Ingrid (the investigator whose husband left and her husband can't be there for her birthday this Saturday) a birthday cake and make it fun for her!  I'll be sending you a picture pretty soon.  My camera got stolen and my companion and I forgot our converters today to load photos from his camera.  We'll get photos to you next week.  I promise.

Love you guys!  Bye!

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